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  1. James-0

    windscreen help

    how easy is it to take the windscreen out of my civic jordan (cracked) and replace it with another windscreen is it easy enough to do or would i be better paying someone to do it if so whats a good company to use and what sort of price would it be cheers j
  2. James-0

    facelift ek9 front bumper

    looking for a facelift ek9 bumper and lip in y56 if possible
  3. James-0

    jordan 102

    just giving people a heads up on the car was up for sale on ebay and i put a bid in for it the reserve never got met and the guy emailed me to ask if i would pay 2200 i said no he said what about 2100 and i will bring it over on the ferry from the Isle of Arran so i said aye ok thought it was a...
  4. James-0

    are these ek9 headlights

    got these off ebay last nyt guy says there Civic Ek9 Genuine Standley Headlights just want to check them cant see them good because of the picture
  5. James-0


    looking for yellow or carbon facelift bonnet yellow or carbon drivers wing(both if carbon) 4x100 alloys and facelift headlights
  6. James-0

    car in belfast

    going to pick a car up in belfast on sunday as its in northern ireland does this mean i can just insure it and drive it home and do i need to book the ferry in advance and does anyone know how much this is
  7. James-0

    what wheels to get

    selling my gt3s as i want a change does any one have any ideas what would look good on my jordan thinking volks te37
  8. James-0

    blue ek9

    never seen this colour before looks quality :nerv: Honda : EK9 Type r in blue (2000) price drop
  9. James-0

    J's Racing???

    J's Racing Carbon Fibre Induction Kit the guy said It will fit any D series engine is there any way to modify this to fit my jordan
  10. James-0

    carbon spoiler??

    been offered a few for 300+posted would i b better getting this 1 2x2 carbon fiber??
  11. James-0


    yellow/carbon ek9 spoiler carbon bonnet facelift would also like carbon tailgate if anyone's got 1 mite take other things what yous go
  12. James-0

    colour help?

    i drive a jordan and have a set of rota gt3s am going to put on it in the next few weeks they are gold but thinking of doing them another colour i have seen a blue set on a jordan and it looked good but before i get them done in blue what do use think of kawasaki green on yellow would it look good??
  13. James-0


    i have a jordan but the mileage is sitting at 149000 so thinking of a new 1 what would i need to do this seen this for sale engine, 5 speed manual LSD gearbox, ecu, wiring loom Harnace, water pump, ac pump, throttle body, manifold, Sensors, Alternator. what else would i need or is this it??
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  15. James-0

    carbon bonnet and spoiler

    yellow ek9 spoiler and carbon bonnet facelift mite take other things what yous got
  16. James-0


    went down and got this bonnet the other day the guy said it was a facelift 1 but it does not fit its not long enough does any 1 no what this would fit or if its just made wrong
  17. James-0


    dont no if you will b able to tell but does any 1 no if this is a facelift bonnet??
  18. James-0

    parts in scotland wanted

    hi i have had my civic jordan for a few weeks is a 1999 model and i would like some things angel eyes yellow ek9 spoiler or carbon bonnet mite take other things what yez got cheers
  19. James-0

    hey from scotland

    hi i am from scotland i dont have a ek9 yet thinking of getting 1 at the start of next year i drive a civic jordan just now have only had it a few weeks here r some piks hope u like it