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  1. MarkMckay

    Mckays dc5

    So I went a couple off weeks ago and looked at a dc5 integra and fell in love so I put a deposit down on it as it was up for mot and the guy that had it treated it like a baby and wanted to see if threw mot before he sold it. So yesterday I got a text to say it had passed mot and he was on route...
  2. MarkMckay


    Hello am from Northern Ireland. Am trying to get insurance on a dc5 import but cheapest I can find is £1592.12 from admiral. I tryed flux and they said £2600 lol. Anyone any ideas who to ring? Thanks
  3. MarkMckay

    New car

    Went tonight and put a deposit on this beauty :) over the moon would be an understatement.
  4. MarkMckay

    Any one no this car?

    Thinking about buying this anyone no anything about it ?
  5. MarkMckay

    Jdm B18c swap *price lowered*

    Item for sale: b18c jdm swap Reputation: Markmckay Price: £1700 for lot Paypal: no Location: bushmills, NI Condition: used and new parts Description: Here is my B18c full swap with only 80000k for sale due to selling my ek and no longer need this. I bought this engine to put in my ek civic but...
  6. MarkMckay


    Going to order these. Just making sure I have right size etc for my 15" rpf1 reps and if that's a good price ?
  7. MarkMckay

    Limiter speeds

    Interested to see what speed some of you are getting threw each gear. And what mods u have. Il start - Standard b16a2 engine Long reach induction kit S80 gearbox Mugen manifold Buddy club decat Spoon n1 style back box Ngk spark plugs leads 1st gear 0-35 2nd gear 35-56 3rd gear 56-80 Dunno...
  8. MarkMckay

    Honda civic ek4

    Item for sale: honda civic vti Reputation: Markmckay Price: £2500 Paypal: no Location: Bushmills, N.I Condition: used Description: Unfortunately I am putting my ek4 civic up for sale. As a car I have been wanting for a while has came up for sale so this has to go. It is mot until may. Here is...
  9. MarkMckay

    Bys front bumper

    Anyone have a pre-facelift Bys front bumper for sale. Has to be like new. Or anyone know where I can order one new from? Thanks
  10. MarkMckay

    Rpf1 replicas for sale

    Item for sale: 15" enekie rpf1 replicas 4x100 Reputation:Markmckay Price: £450 Paypal: no Location: Bushmills N.I Condition: 9/10 Description: enekie rpf1 replica alloys silver with polished lip. 4x100. No buckles or welds. Rainsport tyres two like new two has wear on inside Pictures:
  11. MarkMckay

    Ek4 rolling shell

    Item for sale: ek4 rolling shell Reputation: markmckay Price: £900 Paypal: no Location:Bushmills N.I Condition: Description: ek4 rolling shell Engine/mods- None Engine Bay- Black skunk2 washers Headlight wire tuck Fuse box relocated Battery relocated Suspension/brakes- 282 brakes on front...
  12. MarkMckay

    Few parts for sale

    Item for sale: b16/18 monster rocker cover Reputation: Markmckay Price: £110 Paypal: yes Location:Bushmills N.I Condition: 10/10 Description: b16/18 rocker cover and plug cover like new hasn't been fitted sense paint Pictures: Item for sale: b16/18 wrinkle black rocker cover Reputation...
  13. MarkMckay

    Another tyre question :)

    I have a set of 15" rpf1 replicas currently have rainsport tyres 195/50 r15 v (the sidewall is massive lol) and il be looking for a new set of rubber in a couple of months so looking for some advice. I prefer a low profile as it looks nicer and it feels better. The car will be used for my trip...
  14. MarkMckay

    Weigh-bridge in n.i?

    Does anyone know if there is any weigh bridges about Northern Ireland as far north as possible as am on the coast. I fancy getting the car weighed. Thanks :)
  15. MarkMckay

    Milage counter problem

    Hello am having trouble with my milage counter. The clocks and everything else works fine even The bottom milage counter works but the one that says the total milage keeps jumping up in 100s. I done a 20mile scoot earlyer and it put it up 110 miles lol. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
  16. MarkMckay

    Treated myself :)

    Gta5 finally came out for ps4 so I bought this wee beauty :)
  17. MarkMckay

    Spoon gen 1 carbon spoiler

    Item for sale: spoon gen 1 carbon fibre spoiler Reputation: (markmckay) Price: £150 plus £15 postage Paypal: yes Location: bushmills, N.I Condition: 7/10 Description: spoon gen 1 spoiler bought of Enternal blue 2000 few days ago but Iv change my mind so up for sale again. Has few scratches in...
  18. MarkMckay

    Mark McKay

    Haven't sold anything on here yet tho I have bought of few people. Feed back please. Thanks :)
  19. MarkMckay

    Few parts please

    Parts I need asap- S80 lsd 4.7 fd gearbox Leight weight battery Coilovers (like new) 3" s/s exhaust system Parts I need in few weeks- Ek9 red carpet Ek9 red mats Ek9 red door cards Parts am in no hurry for- Carbon fibre bonnet (pre-facelift) Carbon fibre boot lid Poly rear windows
  20. MarkMckay

    Gandalf is here :)

    Hello everyone here is my new civic shell that I just got deliverd today :) some of you will already no the car it used to be owned by Lewis he had a k20 in it. He sold the k20 and I bought the shell before he had a chance to advertise it. Anyway il get spec etc up tomorrow here are some pics...