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  1. rs250nut

    Ek parts needed.

    Hi all, my project is coming to an end and I’m short of a few bits namely •Number plate lights complete with bulb holders in good condition. •Wing mirror glass and backing plate with central round fixing. •Door cards, any type will do or perhaps a pair of manual windup ek9 ones in decent...
  2. rs250nut

    Rc1000cc injectors.

    Item for sale: rc 1000cc injectors for b series Reputation: Price: £150 Paypal: Yes Location: bournemouth Condition: used for mock up, never seen fuel Description: Pictures:
  3. rs250nut

    EK9 Power rack converted to manual the right way.

    I hunted about for a guide on how to convert the ek9 quick rack to be a proper manual rack but found nothing decent so decided to crack on with it today and take a number of pics. I dont have pics of me removing the rack from the car but in all honesty its not all that hard. From start to finish...
  4. rs250nut

    4X100 vti rear disc conversion abs for ej

    Im after a good condition rear disc conversion complete with handbrake cables, calipers, hubs, arms, discs etc
  5. rs250nut

    1999 1.8 vti

    A good friend of mine is breaking a 1.8 vti other than the onvious engine gearbox swap what other parts could I pilfer off it? Are the arbs a straight fit to my ej9? What about brakes etc???
  6. rs250nut

    Ek9 steering rack and arb, vti rear disc setup

    Hello all, really need a ek9 steering rack with fixing if possible and also the front arb with fixings and brackets, could also do with a good condition vti rear disc conversion with handbrake cables. Have money waiting.
  7. rs250nut

    Cam gears and aem engine position module

    Item for sale: BDL Cam gears Reputation: Price: £140 Paypal: Yes Location: Bournemouth Condition: As New Description: Adjustable billet aluminium cam gears, have been fitted to engine on stand but never...
  8. rs250nut

    rs250nut? 1320 Racing Rep thread.

    The start of my reputation as a seller and buyer on here.
  9. rs250nut

    Black ek9 in fleet services

    Looked like a nice car going east bound on the m3 in fleet services, I was in my snap on van.
  10. rs250nut

    1320 Racing's civic drag build

    Most of this is copy and pasted from another forum I frequent. This project never started out to be a jap affair, where to start. I had owned a few r5gtt's which were all good fun but never had the super power I had always wanted, I had a idea of an engine swap but did not know where to...
  11. rs250nut

    B16a2 parts

    Hi everyone I need some bits to finish off my drag car build. The list of parts is as follows.... A pair of decent driveshafts. Alternator bracket, bolts and the alternator its self Starter and the bolts Bellhousing bolts and gearbox support bracket bolts Waterpipe and thermostat...
  12. rs250nut

    Manual window winders and bits for ej9 b16 conversion

    I'm looking to get rid of my power windows so am after a complete set of manual window winders. Also I'm in the middle of a ej9 b16 conversion so any parts you may have give me a shout. For the b16 I need Alternator brackets and bolts Water pipe and thermostat housing Rear engine mount...
  13. rs250nut

    Afternoon people

    Hello everyone I'm new around these parts and fairly new to Hondas, I have just brought a 1999 ej9 which I have a fully built b16 ready to chuck in along with a big ass turbo. I have a lot of parts to bin as I stripping the car to the bare bones for racing but what parts can I save for my swap...