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  1. rs250nut

    Ek parts needed.

    Hi all, my project is coming to an end and I’m short of a few bits namely •Number plate lights complete with bulb holders in good condition. •Wing mirror glass and backing plate with central round fixing. •Door cards, any type will do or perhaps a pair of manual windup ek9 ones in decent...
  2. rs250nut

    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    How many sets of these do you have?
  3. rs250nut

    1320 Racing's civic drag build

    Not yet, hopefully within the next two months
  4. rs250nut

    1320 Racing's civic drag build

    Haven’t updated this for 7 years nearly finished now…………..
  5. rs250nut

    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    **** the bed, that's a lot of pie cuts!!!!!
  6. rs250nut

    recommend rods and piston for turbo

    I think if you want a super reliable 400hp I would look at having the block sleeved, I know many have made more than 400hp on stock blocks but for how long?
  7. rs250nut

    turbo camshafts ??

    Far too much ca m for the turbo, pro 1's are not needed until you get to the gt35r+ sized turbos and are looking to make 700hp+. B18c4 cams would be more than enough for what you are making.
  8. rs250nut

    Rc1000cc injectors.

  9. rs250nut

    Rc1000cc injectors.

    Item for sale: rc 1000cc injectors for b series Reputation: Price: £150 Paypal: Yes Location: bournemouth Condition: used for mock up, never seen fuel Description: Pictures:
  10. rs250nut

    Gt2860rs gt2871r

    Dont worry about lag with a 2871r, thats a fairly small turbo for a honda. Remember you have quite a large rpm range to keep the turbo spooled.
  11. rs250nut

    b16b head upgrages??

  12. rs250nut

    B16 turbo stock sleeves

    Why bother trying anything over 350hp.
  13. rs250nut

    Fuel fittings?

    -6 is probabley the closest to the stock size, you will need a metric to an adapter though.
  14. rs250nut

    Lightweight Crank Pulley - Opinions?

    Ati damper or don't bother and leave it stock.
  15. rs250nut

    High compression turbocharged engines.

    I think people worry to much about high cr with boost, all the cars in the states making huge power(1200hp+) are all over 11.0-1. If the race series you compete in allow it run a fuel with the highest knock threshold available. I know I will hence why I will be going with e85.
  16. rs250nut

    forging b18c4

    If your going to spend a bunch of money on this sort of thing you need to do a bit of research before you go jumping in, 500hp on a non sleeved block is pissing in the wind if you ask me, even a 450hp it's a big ask. Sleeve it or keep the hp goals sensible.
  17. rs250nut

    Brake setup on 282 disks

    Or if you don't want to pay type r tax you can get one off an mb6.:nice:
  18. rs250nut

    Turbo setup on its way.

    You won't have any problems with the id1000cc injectors, if anything you have set your self up for the future with 800whp attainable on race gas with with injectors. Even the 2000cc versions on a stock b18 idle like stock so you won't have any dramas.
  19. rs250nut

    Piston opinions

    The reason it has scuffed the skirt is because as you say it has got hot and a 9 out of 10 chance is because it ran lean. I have used pistons in worse condition than that and been fine.
  20. rs250nut

    Stanced Vsm EJ9 B18 build! Meister rs/Camber**PIC HEAVY**

    Looks broken its that low!!!!!!!!!!