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  1. lewisek4

    Recaro Headrest cushions pillows?

    Looking for red headrest cushions/pillows. Money waiting here. Cheers
  2. lewisek4

    Ek9 Spoiler tilt brackets

    Wanting a set of ek9 spoiler tilt adjusters for my civic, I know tegiwa sell them but I'm always after a bargain so thought I would see if anyone has a second hand set for sale. Cheers
  3. lewisek4

    Ek9 spoiler tilt brackets

    Wanting a set of spoiler tilt adjusters, I know tegiwa sell them but I'm always after a bargain so thought id see if anyone has a second hand set for sale, Cheers
  4. lewisek4


    Recently was out in my civic and hit a rabit :( on later inspection I noticed the fog light cover actually smashed... So now I have a big ugly hole in my bumper... I'm wondering where to buy a FACELIFT NSF Fog Light Cover. The actual plastic part... Or will I have to buy a whole new fog light...
  5. lewisek4

    What pads to go for? Help

    Hello guys just had a dodgey experience in my EJ9 Facelift, which was brake fade. Brakes are currently on standard discs and pads... Just ordered drilled and grooved 262 discs. Just want to know what pads you guys would go for? I know there's a brake pad review thread but just want to find a...
  6. lewisek4

    WANTED EK Parts ALLOY RAD, Hoses ETC..

    Alright guys looking to upgrade my ek. Alloy Rad D Series rad hoses Ek9 coin pocket Grey armrest Gold Wheel Lugs Thanks
  7. lewisek4

    D16Z6 on Ej9

    Alright guys planning putting the d16z6 manifold on my standard 1.4 engine, Pretty sure this is straight forward but if I'm wrong please let me know. All I'm needing is D16z6 Inlet manifold D16Z6 Injectors D16Z6 Throttle New D16Z6 intake gasket Any links to a write up of the inlet swap? I...
  8. lewisek4

    EJ9 Idling at 3000 Revs?

    Alright guys, my ej9 has been sitting outside my house for around 2weeks, not been started since then, went out today to give it a clean and a run, When I started it the rev counter was saying 3000? And it did not sound like it was reving that high? Just want to know if there's something...
  9. lewisek4

    What PR3-2 Head

    Alright guys I have a Pr3-2 head on my b16a2 and want to know which head it actually is, been told it was a b18c but I have no clue, I can't tell by the cams as there SK2 cams, so here's a picture of the inlet ports. Thanks
  10. lewisek4

    Recaro Bolster cleaning

    Just purchased a set of DC2 recaros for my ej9, very clean set of recaros :), had a few wee stains which I got out with a brush and woolite, but the side bolsters have wear from where jeans have been rubbing against them, just want to know what you guys use to clean the side bolsters without...
  11. lewisek4

    how to tell what b18 head i have?

    Hellow guys recently bought a ek4 vti, the boy i bought it off dosnt know anything about hondas, he told me the head is deffo a b18, but he dosnt know which b18 it is, i have a Skunk2 inlet, and im trying to sell it so i need to know what fitment it is, can anyome help me out to find what kind...
  12. lewisek4

    What are these 15" honda alloys?

    Spotted these on gumtree, look very nice alloys, just want to know the name for them, thanks Link - Honda alloys
  13. lewisek4

    Running Koni front / raceland back??

    Hello guys, I have been on lowering springs for some time now and decided to upgrade to Coilovers last night, seen a set of Konis for £160 2nd hand, so I couldn't resist... Sent my mate to go collect them & when he returns with them the front 2 are Koni Gas Coilovers & the back are racelands...
  14. lewisek4

    Rota GT3 laquer peel!

    Alright guys, really need to clean up my alloys, every single one of my GT3s have laquer peel on the polished rim part of the alloy. Any suggestions on how I can re-do the rim off my alloys? Best way to get my alloys back to polish look :) thanks
  15. lewisek4

    Scene tape!

    Anyone ever used this? Seen it on a few cars looks pretty good, is it true it leaves no residue? Here's a link if anyone dosnt know what it is -
  16. lewisek4

    Prices on a EJ9 for 17 year old

    Hello guys, got my driving test booked & my civic looking mint ;) , it's a ej9 facelift, just wondering wat prices people were on there first civic at 17? Thanks
  17. lewisek4

    De wiper EK!

    Quick and easy question, been meaning to de wiper my ek for months! So going to do it tomorrow, what is the grommet size for the hole? Thanks
  18. lewisek4

    Time for some new tyres

    I think it's time to get some new tyres as mine are nearly down to the canvas which I discovered today, spotted a set of 4 toyo proxes for £138 (linked at end of my write up). Anyone got a good set of tyres they can recommend for me? I noticed toyos are not the best in rain. Very slippery but...
  19. lewisek4

    Nankang Ultra Sport Tyres??

    Anyone ever had a set of nankang ultra sports? Or heard anything about them? Been offered a set & just wondering if there any good? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks :)
  20. lewisek4

    EVO 4 seats in EJ9

    Does anyone know how I can get evo IV seats to fit in my 00 ej9, I'm right in saying ek9 rails will bolt straight in, but any cheaper methods rather than swapping rails?