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  1. leeK9

    My BNR32 skyline

    Bought my GTR a little over a year ago and have been mostly keeping it garaged and maintained until i finish my degree. its in fairly standard form when compared with most and is likely how i will keep it whilst trying to track down some tasty optional extra parts or old school parts and...
  2. leeK9

    Recaro Profi SPG Kevlar (black)

    Item for sale: Recaro Profi SPG Reputation: Price: £400 Paypal: yes Location: Ireland Condition: 8/10 Description: Looking to clear a few bits out of the house so throwing this up to see if anyone is interested, its a rare part and these...
  3. leeK9

    Toyota Altezza Turbo

    mate of mine is selling his car and i thought id offer it to enthusiasts on here before the masses get their chance. Had a look around this car and driven it a few weeks back and its a very tidy example and drives like new with plenty of power to boot along with being very comfortable on the...
  4. leeK9

    Goodwood FOS

    looking to plan a trip over this year with a few mates, the 787B is heading up the hill climb and mad mike is returning in the RX7..... honda will also have the new NSX there for a few blasts up the hill. anyone been last year and can recommend any good places to stay?
  5. leeK9

    Weds Sport TC005 16x7

    Have a set of these sitting in the garage collecting dust that were originally to be fitted to my ViRs Ferio but cant be bothered going 5 stud. These are very light wheels ( 5.8KG ) and perfect sizes for FWD hondas so thought id offer them for sale here first. Not terribly pushed if they sell...
  6. leeK9

    EK9 rear caliper passo side

    needed asap needs to be working perfectly for NCT
  7. leeK9

    Toda V2 exhaust manifold

    Item for sale: Toda Racing V2 Reputation: leeK9 Price: 600 euro Paypal: no Location: ireland Condition: 8/10 Description: have my toda V2 exhaust manifold up for sale, condition is very good with just a sligh scrape on the bottom of one of the pipes. the manifold is heat...
  8. leeK9

    Volk CE28n

    Item for sale: Rays Engineering Volk Racing CE28n Reputation: Price: 1000 euro Paypal: no Location: ireland Condition: 8/10 Description: have a set of CE28n off my S2000 for sale as the car sold on different wheels they are...
  9. leeK9

    JDM Honda S2000

    Item for sale: Honda S2000 Reputation: Price: €7500 Paypal: no Location: Ireland 1999 honda S2000 Silverstone metallic paint JDM import 136k KM NCT (MOT) until dec/14 Volk CE28n 17x7.5 ET43 Eibach progressive spring kit...
  10. leeK9

    best springs for comfort

    looking to lower my Vi-Rs a little and wondering what spring would they recommend that provide a slight drop all round without ruining comfort too much..... looking for around a 20-30mm drop all around
  11. leeK9

    xbox360 forza motorsport 4 championship

    post in here if your interested in taking part so i can estimate numbers also any suggestions for class/spec car welcome im thinking about maybe running 2 x 30 minute time attack lobbys on a certain track.... could be good fun
  12. leeK9

    *** honda S2000 JDM OEM+ ***

    My old s2000 is up for sale and i am advertising it on behalf of its current owner who i sold the car to nearly 2 years ago now. I can personally vouch for him as being a true honda enthusiast like all of us on here and also the car as being in extremely good condition. If i was in the financial...
  13. leeK9

    oral ***.....

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . oral s3x will make your day but [email protected] S3X will make your hole weak :lol: my girlfriend didnt find it funny haha
  14. leeK9

    nurburgring trip advise

    okay lads im looking to argue my case for a trip to nurburgring with my college motor club.....aside from the track itself what activities are there around the track itself or within a short radius of the track looking to keep it mostly motor related museums/karting etc.... im not sure...
  15. leeK9

    Project Mu teflon brake lines

    Item for sale: Project Mu brake lines Reputation: Price: £80 Paypal: yes Location: republic of ireland Condition: 8/10 Description: got these a while ago and planned on fitting to my EK4 SiR to do a few trackdays but college...
  16. leeK9

    Civic Type R EP3 JDM C/W

    a close friend of mine is selling his very nice EP3 Type R JDM model and i thought id offer it to enthusiasts on here before the vultures on pistonheads get it haha. Item for sale: 2002 Civic Type R Price: €6,250 or stg equivalent Location: Ireland Condition: to be confirmed by...
  17. leeK9

    rear caliper rebuild kits

    anyone know of any for my EK4 SiR what are good kits and what are bad? looking for opinions and feedback from anyone who have used rebuild kits
  18. leeK9

    kirkistown trackday aftermath pics and videos

    well what can i EPIC day all round weather held up perfect all day and a big thanks and shout out to the crew at trackskills, very well organized and everyone was in good form, also manners from other competitors was great. post your pics and videos on here :dance: heres a few...
  19. leeK9

    bottom end bearings? OEM/ACL

    what are people using my B16a could do with a fresh set and was told to get ACL but hearing mixed reviews on them anyone got any experience they would like to share
  20. leeK9

    Japanese Kei cars ^_^

    always been interested by these little cars they are only sold in japan and have to meet strict rules engine cant be anymore than 660cc and there body dimensions are restricted also there are lots of companies that make kei cars and i thought id start a thread with all the cool models...