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  1. jesse888

    obd2a interior wiring loom diagram

    hi guys. looking for an interior loom diagram for a friends ek9 0bd2a as we are trying to trace electrical issues. any help would be great.
  2. jesse888

    Latest tune. Ep3 6262 18psi

    Tuned this recently and thought id let everyone know about it, video doesnt really do the car justice. In the real world it pulls so hard, had me gripping the seat afew times if im honest lol Bone stock k20a2 Precision 6262 @18psi We are going to try afew more different things with the tune...
  3. jesse888

    Brands hatch 55.1

    Recent track evening at brands hatch, finally broke my long standing personal best of 56.4. The evening wasnt trouble free though (when is it ever?) had an overheating issue so i could only do 1 flying lap to 2 cool down laps. Im looking into the overheating issues atm so hopefully next time out...
  4. jesse888

    Ep3 turbo project

    Will be working on this build in the next month so thought id start a thread for it now. Basically its a uk ep3 with a stock k20a2 engine and will be using the new schuband autoworks turbo kit using a 5858 from precision. Kpro Injector dynamics 1000ccs Pretty much all the bells and whistles...
  5. jesse888

    Jesse888s latest projects (heavy boost content)

    Ive been abit quiet lately, adult life has me saving plenty of pennies due to buying my first property, for those in the south east of england youll know just how expensive that is.... This means that my civic wont be getting any upgrades for a while, so with that thread now lying somewhat...
  6. jesse888

    15x8 pro race 1.2s (pair only)

    Item for sale: x2 Team Dynamics 1.2s 15x8 5x114.3 et30 Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: 200 Paypal:yes Location: leybourne Condition: 10/10 brand new Description: brand new pair of pro race 1.2s in the above fitment. Wont fit over my brakes so no good to me. Pictures:
  7. jesse888

    4.7 s80 breaking for spares

    Item for sale: 4.7 s80 final drive kit(SOLD) Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: SOLD Paypal:yes Location: leybourne Condition: 9/10 Description: good condition/clearly low mileage final drive set from my own 4.7s80. Perfect for swapping into an s4c or a 4.4s80 to make the...
  8. jesse888

    Gearbox. S80 or s4c preferably

    As above. Need a gearbox as mine is toast. Looking for either an s80(either 4.4 or 4.7) or an ek9 s4c. Ill take an s9b if its cheap.... Oh a possibly some 1000cc injectors. Have a thirst for more boost!
  9. jesse888

    90 degree clutch bleed nipples/fittings?

    Wasn't sure where to put this so stuck it in transmission section. Right the bleed nipple on my clutch slave comes too close to the inlet on my turbo, means I can't get a clamp on to hold the intake pipe on. So I'm looking to get the bleed nipple up at a 90degree angle to allow room for a...
  10. jesse888

    Ek9 parts clear out!

    Item for sale: ek9 cupholders Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: sold Paypal:yes Location: leybourne Condition: 8/10 Description: working good condition flip out cupholders Pictures: Item for sale: magnecore igniton leads Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation...
  11. jesse888

    Turbocharger coolant feed and return lines from rad hoses?

    So I'm a bit stuck for fitting my coolant lines to the new turbo. I can't use the drain port on the block ad the turbo is in the wrong place to get any fittings to work. Now I'd much rather not buy more an line and more fittings to Plumb it round to the iacv. Had the idea of tapping the top and...
  12. jesse888

    Stripping interior loom

    i want to strip the unused wires out of my interior loom(speakers, radio, window motors, wing mirror motors, heaters and anything else I don't need) Now I'm abit of a noob when it comes to stripping looms down and cleaning them up etc so I'm thinking get a spare loom and destroy that first lol...
  13. jesse888

    Lightweight tekkers?

    so I'm on abit of a weight saving mission ATM(trying to offset cage weight) The car looks like this ATM I plan to get something done about the heavy ass metal that makes up the dash skeleton and I will be having a dashboard, this is just to get it to cage fabricators. Now I'm on the...
  14. jesse888

    Ek9 door cards, cup holders and gearstick surround

    Item for sale: ek9 Cupholders(flip out) Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: £75 Paypal:yes Location: Swanley Condition: 8/10 Description: flip up cup holders(JDM) Pictures: Item for sale: gearstick surround Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: £25...
  15. jesse888

    Long and soft brake pedal after trackday

    I've had this issue for a while. On the track the pedal is perfect the whole time. Leave the car to sit in the paddock and the pedal will go soft. Back out on track they will be soft for maybe two laps and then they are back fine for the whole time. Rinse repeat for the whole trackday. I've...
  16. jesse888

    Intermitent hesitation, rpm counter dying on over run

    So I've had this issue for alittle while. The cars feeling alittle low on power and hesitates coming up the Rpms.(feels abit like its struggling for grip but isn't) Also on the over run anything above 7k rpm the tach needle dies off completely, let the revs come back down to 7k and the needle...
  17. jesse888

    Lexan/poly window kits

    so I'll be swapping all my windows out in the new year. I'm after reviews on manufactures Windows really. Thermoformed the way to go or does it not really matter? Im looking at the racers/trackdayers really as they'll have the experience I'm after. @JohnTurbo @pdapaul @b16 mini @SPek9 @haitch
  18. jesse888

    F/S turbo kit (ish) b18c4 cam cover

    Item for sale: b18c4 cam cover Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: £45 Paypal: yes Location: Swanley Condition: 7/10 Description: cam cover from a b18c4 head. Will fit all b series, perfect for refurb job as paint has flaked off. Pictures: Item for sale: go-autoworks...
  19. jesse888

    3" exhaust options for turbo build

    Winter build may see some upgrades in the exhaust department. Wondering what options I've got as far as a 3" system goes. Can only think of Skunk2 76mm RR Or Custom job Anyone know the cost of a custom 3" exhaust(turbo back) roughly? Any recommendations?
  20. jesse888

    WTD: Upper rad hose b series

    As above, mines starting to ballon quite abit so need a new/replacement upper rad hose. Would rather buy 2nd hand over a new silicone job if I can. Skint ain't the word lol