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  1. soxturf

    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    Hi folks, Unfortunately my car has failed the NCT (Irish equivalent of MOT) due to an emissions failure. (Its failing on high idle). I originally thought it was the cat an replaced it with a new cat but still no joy. After it failed the second time, the nct tester said that the emissions are...
  2. soxturf

    Mugen Gold 5 way adjustable coilovers

    Hi Everyone, I am 99% certain that I have the mugen gold 5 way adjustable coilovers on my ek9. (Really should be 100% certain after owning the car for so long but have never done anything with them as I was so happy them until now). They are definitely mugen and the adjusters in engine bay etc...
  3. soxturf

    EK9 Steering Wheel Refurbishment

    Hi everyone, I revived an old thread belonging to someone else a few days ago (that was related to steering wheels) with the below comment, but maybe that was not the best thing to do as people just started replying to the initial thread title that was months old. I was just trying to avoid...
  4. soxturf

    WTB Ek9 Rear Bumper (metal bar)

    Hi lads. I'm looking to buy an ek9 rear bumper. The metal bar that goes across the back, just inside the plastic bumper, is what I am looking for. Thanks. Shane.
  5. soxturf

    EK9 Drivers Side Window Motor

    Hi, as above, I am looking to buy the drivers side window motor for an ek9. Thanks, Shane.
  6. soxturf

    J's racing filter replacement???

    hi lads . i have a J's racing carbon fibre intake (whale dick) on my ek9. i noticed today that there is a hole about the size of a 20cent coin (1pound coin) in the side of the cone head filter . can this cone filter be replaced ??normal cone filters wont be big enough to fit on to the intake...
  7. soxturf

    Ep3 Ireland

    hi lads . my mate is looking to buy an ep3 . if you have one for sale please let me know or if any of your mates are selling one in ireland . thanks
  8. soxturf

    ep3 fuel consumption vs ek9 fuel consumption

    Hi lads .My mate is looking to buy an ep3 currently and he asked me could I find out if a standard ep3 has simalar fuel consumption to a standard ek9 . I know it is a bigger engine but with it being ivtec , does it make much of a difference fuel consumption wise. also if your selling an ep3 in...
  9. soxturf

    high co2 emissions

    hi lads . my car has failed the nct twice on high co2 emissions . your allowed to have 0.3%volume max and my car has 0.7%. i have tried numerous things to fix this and then went to my local mechanic to check the emissions and it is always staying at around the 0.7% volume mark . i have tried 3...
  10. soxturf

    new ek9 cat (spurious)

    hi lads . my car failed the nct on emissions . i am almost certain it is the cat as it was serviced just before going in an is running perfectly , not burning oil or anything and getting good mpg . dont really want to buy a second hand one as have been down this road before an not worked out for...
  11. soxturf

    simauto open ??

    hi guys sorry to bring this up . i ordered off simauto over 5 weeks ago . it was only a small order so i am not overly concerned . has always been brilliant with me in the past . searched on here and found a thread from august saying he was closed but then saw a post by him a while later sayin...
  12. soxturf

    Oem ek9 cat

    as above , looking for second hand oem ek9 cat . I have a mugen 4-1 manifold that then connects to the cat and then into a mugen B-pipe.. i am almost certain that the standard ek9 cat is what i need(correct size).if someone could confirm this . i think it is the standard cat i have on it at the...
  13. soxturf

    ek9 diagnostics port ??

    hi lads can any one tell me where the ek9 diagnostics port is located on the car as I cant find it ??thanks .
  14. soxturf

    ek9 rear number plate light bulb holder

    hi lads . hard to explain but i am looking for a light bulb holder that is over the rear number plate on an ek9 . i am looking for the one that is on the right hand side as u face the rear of the car . the thing the bulb sits into to hold it in place to light up the number plate .these pictures...
  15. soxturf

    dc2 alloys question

    Hi . has anyone please got a picture of the inside of a 98 spec jdm dc2 alloy(16 inch to confirm).. ordering one off ebay tonight and i want to make sure when it comes that its genuine oem before i sign for it . want to know what the markings look like and to make sure its not a sprint or knock...
  16. soxturf

    single JDM 98 spec integra alloy

    as per title.. i want to buy a single 98 spec JDM integra alloy (its the 16inch one)condition of paint does not matter one bit as i will be having it powder coated wen i recieve it. as long as its all straight and everything its happy days . also does not need to have a tyre as i have my own...
  17. soxturf

    teg wheels question

    hi lads . could some one please tell me the difference between a 98spec jdm integra alloy and a 98spec ukdm integra alloy . i ruined one of my alloys on my ek9 and i have 98 spec integra alloys on the car. i need to replace it and went to buy one off Vtecperformance on here but he said i need to...
  18. soxturf


    in general how much would it cost to trade a 99honda civic type R preface lift for an s2000 of any year ... are they worth more and do i need to offer cash there way . an yes i do have a 99 pre face lift was late registered off d forecourt :)it has 98 spec integrea alloys on it completely...
  19. soxturf

    Immobiliser question

    hi guys .my brother drives a 99vti coupe . he wants to know if he buys a second hand immobiliser unit from a brakers for his car will he then also have to get his key recoded off honda as well .any help much appreciated. thanks
  20. soxturf

    FS : ek9 spoiler

    Item for sale:genuine ek9 spoiler(selling on behalf of a friend) Reputation: Price: 150 euro / 120 GBP Paypal?:yes buyer pays fees Location: laois / ireland Condition: 8/10.. been honest its near on perfect with the tinyiest...