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  1. AzAc54

    VSM EK Parts

    Looking for a pair of doors, front wings and both front and rear bumpers. Need to be in good condition, nothing dented or damaged. Cheers :nice:
  2. AzAc54

    New Year 2019

    Hope everyone has a good end to the year and 2019 is a good one for all of us, happy new year guys and girls :nice:
  3. AzAc54

    EK9 Rear Lip

    Needed asap, must be good condition :nice:
  4. AzAc54

    Genuine First Molding Lip

    As above, may be a long shot but let me know :nice:
  5. AzAc54

    EK9 Rear Lip, Spoon wing

    As above, genuine parts only please :nice:
  6. AzAc54

    Aaron's K20 EK (UPDATED)

    It's been a long time since I last bothered to make a build thread or update my builds prior to this to let anyone know what happened to them. For those of you who have been around the site for a while you might remember I first joined the site back when I had my first Civic. It was only a 1.4...
  7. AzAc54

    EK9 Recess

    As above needs to be in perfect condition with tabs intact :nice:
  8. AzAc54

    EK SiR parts

    As above after some SiR parts, door cards interior etc :nice:
  9. AzAc54

    99-00 Grill

    As above ideally in VSM, cash waiting let me know :nice:
  10. AzAc54

    Catback exhaust

    As above preferably with adjustable decat, whats about? :nice:
  11. AzAc54

    OEM or aftermarket front LCA inner bushings DC/EG

    As above struggling to find somewhere that sells OEM inner bushings or single bushings from say Hardrace. Got a full set of Hardrace for mine but only need to replace one as there was an issue when it was fitted. Any help would be much appreciated, need it sorted asap! :nice:
  12. AzAc54

    EK 3" System or B Pipe

    As above, needed asap cash waiting :nice:
  13. AzAc54

    Spoon Spoiler

    As above, cash waiting looking for one asap :nice:
  14. AzAc54

    Buddyclub P1

    As above 4x100 15, old style. Cash waiting :nice:
  15. AzAc54

    EK9 Shell

    As above looking for a rolling facelift shell, must be clean minimal to no rust. Cash waiting for the right one, let me know :nice:
  16. AzAc54

    EK9 Rear Crash Bar

    As above :nice:
  17. AzAc54

    Fixed Bucket Seat

    As above, Recaro, Bride, Buddyclub etc. Cash waiting for the right one :nice:
  18. AzAc54

    EK9 Handbrake Surround

    As above cash waiting :nice:
  19. AzAc54

    SiR Door Cards

    As above, cash waiting let me know :nice:
  20. AzAc54

    Mobile Welder

    Anyone on here able to travel within the West Midlands to do some welding? Car is currently in my garage as a shell and I have no power in there, debated buying a generator and a welder myself but with work and not much time it seems a sensible option to ask on here first. Would be a massive...