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  1. Boyle

    Spoon Sports Brake Calipers

    Item for sale: Spoon Sports Twin Block Brake Calipers Price: £995 Paypal: yes Location: Oxfordshire Condition: very good condition Description: front brake Calipers with Project Mu pads and stop tech discs. Items only covered a few thousand miles Pictures:
  2. Boyle

    Js Racing front fenders

    im looking for a pair of Js racing front fenders/wings my facelift EK
  3. Boyle

    JDM Combe 2019 Stand

    Hi everyone. We used to always have an EK9 stand at Combe when Japfest was held there. I am organising a club stand for JDM Combe that will be held on the 1st June 2019 If you would like to attend please comment below. It would be great to get as many EK9s as possible.
  4. Boyle

    Japfest Silverstone 2017

    I was wondering if the forum was organising anything this year?
  5. Boyle

    Mishimoto X-Line Radiator PRICE DROP

    Item for sale: Mishimoto X-Line Radiator Price:£180 Paypal: Yes Location:Oxofrd Condition:Great condition. Only 2 years old and covered 4000 miles Description:Civic 92-00 Mishimoto X-Line aluminium radiator with fan fitted to front Premium radiator has 3-row core for improved strength and...
  6. Boyle

    Innovative Engine Mounts

    Item for sale: 75A Billet Innovative Engine Moiunts Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes Location:Oxford Condition: Used Description: 75A Billet Innovative Engine Moiunts for EK Bseries. Great upgrade. The mounts are in very good condition. Pictures:
  7. Boyle

    AEM V2 Intake

    Item for sale: AEM V2 Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes Location:Oxford Condition:used Description:AEM V2 Intake for B series engines. Fits EK and EG. This is a great intake and one of the best in my opinion. Air filter has recentley been renewed. Pictures:
  8. Boyle

    Bonnet pins

    Hi guys I have just bought a light weight bonnet made from FRP and I see that some people run them with bonnet pin and some don't. I would rather not due to it looking much cleaner but for safety reasons they might be required. Are the required?? Any experience or thoughts would be much...
  9. Boyle

    Shift sports hood

    Anyone selling a shift sports hood for face lift EK9. Thanks
  10. Boyle

    Boyle's FD2

    I haven't posted much on here in ages. I still have my EK9 but I bought an FD2 back in April and i thought i would share a few pictures of it and the progress i have been making
  11. Boyle

    *PRICE DROP* Buddyclub Pro Spec Exhaust System

    Item for sale: Buddyclub Pro Spec exhaust system for EK hatch Price: £300 Paypal: Yes or cash on collection Location: Oxford Condition: Great condition Description: Great condition system off my EK9. Comes with bung still in packet as never had to use it for track Pictures:
  12. Boyle

    Genuine Facelift OEM Grill

    Item for sale:Genuine Facelift OEM Grill in Champ White Price: SOLD Paypal:YES Location: Oxford Condition: Good condition Description: Thisis the grill off my EK9. Good condition Pictures:
  13. Boyle

    My Fast Car Feature Pictures

    Just a few pictures from the photoshoot. Some that were in the mag and some never seen before
  14. Boyle

    Red Recaros For Sale

    Item for sale: DC2 Red Recaros Price: £400 Paypal: yes Location: Oxford Condition: 7/10 Description: These seats are from a DC2 so will also fit EG. Only wear is on the drivers right hand bolster Pictures:
  15. Boyle

    4 2 1 exhaust manifold

    I'm looking for a 4 2 1 manifold to fit EK9 What you got?
  16. Boyle

    ** Meet 30th March**

    Im organising a meet at the Honda dealer I work at. As the weather will be getting better and the clocks change I thought this would be a good time to do the first meet of the year. Johnsons Honda Oxford Motor Park Langford Lane Kidlington Oxfordshire OX5 1HT 30th March 2014 4pm...
  17. Boyle

    **spoon calipers for sale**

    Item for sale:Twin Block Spoon Calipers Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes but would prefer cash on collection Location: Oxford Condition: 9/10 Description: As set of Spoon sports twin block calipers to fit EK9 or DC2. Good condition Pictures:
  18. Boyle

    Genuine EK9 Mats

    I'm looking for a set of really good condition OEM EK9 mats Thanks
  19. Boyle

    EK9, JDM 98 spec ITR Rear Caliper Carriers

    Im looking for a set of EK9, JDM 98 spec ITR Rear Caliper Carriers for a friend who is in great need of them Thanks
  20. Boyle

    Am I too old for an EK9

    I was 26 a couple of months ago and I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting too old to be driving round in a honda civic with an exhaust and a big spoiler. I just don't want to be seen as a boy racer or a sad act living like some kind of man-child. I love driving my civic and there is nothing...