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  1. brettray1

    Any Yellow EK4 or EK9?

    i have a sunlight yellow ek9 , will be up for sale soon, its standard apart from adjustable coil-overs pm if interested
  2. brettray1

    ek9 rear silencer/ backbox and obd2b b series alternator ( 4 pin)

    looking for the above items, ideally to be sent out , unless you live near somerset
  3. brettray1

    Various Parts for Sale - Aftermarket & OEM

    bit of a long shot but , do you still have the alternator ? also is it obd2b thanks Brett
  4. brettray1

    PY facelift ek9 breaking

    how much for centre pipe please :)
  5. brettray1

    Looking for a Ek9

    Depends . But with the parts It has . 10k! Or can put back to oem and would be open to offers
  6. brettray1

    Looking for a Ek9

    whats your budget? have a sunlight yellow rx type r, on 92k miles with a few goodies :cool:
  7. brettray1

    Where to buy/import

    unsure to behonest, but think it would be a lot of hassle unless you know what you are doing, regards importing yourself
  8. brettray1

    Where to buy/import

    depends where you are, but in the south west torque gt is reputable! also depends how much you want to spend, and if you want to travel.
  9. brettray1

    lookig for ek9 tinted rear glass ( both quarters )

    as title says , looking for both quarters , needs to be in great condition please thanks in advance :-)
  10. brettray1

    ek9 rear quater glass (oem tinted)

    hi looking for some tinted rear quarter glass , both sides , and needs to be in very good condition please :-) t.i.a
  11. brettray1


    Hi . Do you still have y56 touch up ? Thanks Brett
  12. brettray1

    oem carbon double din blanking plate

    i dont mind supplying a new standard version plus cash if it makes it easier :-)
  13. brettray1

    oem carbon double din blanking plate

  14. brettray1

    Crash Damaged EK9 Shell + Breaking Various Parts

    Would you consider selling the rear tinted glass? Happy to have both sides ☺
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  17. brettray1

    ac compressor

    looking for a working ac compressor for a facelift ek9 , going to test my current one tomorrow , so inbox me price and pics if possible tia :-)
  18. brettray1

    Ek9 rear number plate recess.

    thanks for the reply, but i allready have one glued but looking thanks again
  19. brettray1

    PY yellow ej9 b18c,carbon,Recaro's,Takata,wheels,coilovers

    Do you have the rear plate recess? And if so what condition is it in ☺
  20. brettray1

    Ek9 rear number plate recess.

    Looking for a rear number plate recess. Needs to be in great condition. No fixed tabs etc. Colour doesn't matter as will be sprayed.. tia