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  1. Dzero4

    WTB - EK9 Rx Blue Carbon centre console surround

    As above, looking for a Genuine Honda EK9 Type-Rx blue centre console surround in immaculate condition thanks
  2. Dzero4

    OEM EK9 Back box

    as above, I am in need of a standard Honda EK9 back box ASAP. Thanks
  3. Dzero4

    WTB- EK9 Rx Power Folding mirror switch and loom

    As above, wanting to buy power folding mirror switch and the small loom. thanks
  4. Dzero4

    Japfest stand?

    Is there a Japfest Silverstone stand?
  5. Dzero4

    My New EK9 <3

    Here she is! picked it up start of this month, needs a few little niggles sorting but otherwise a sound car so far. Thankfully came with every original part that was replaced :D
  6. Dzero4

    Wanted - Genuine EK9/EK4 Rear Lip

    As above, wanting a genuine honda ek9/ek4 rear lip, colour is not an issue just has to be good condition (no cuts for exhaust etc) and genuine Honda, Thanks
  7. Dzero4

    99-00 EK Front Fog Light Bulb Size?

    Hiya, just would like to know the bulb size for the front fogs on facelift EKs? looked online and seen PFL are H3, just want to be sure before i order some new bulbs :) thanks
  8. Dzero4

    EK9 Floor Mats

    WTB WK9 Floor Mats in good condition
  9. Dzero4

    OEM EK9 Backbox wanted

    Looking for OEM EK9 Stainless backbox in good condition to put back on an EK9. Thanks
  10. Dzero4

    WTB: EK9 Drivers Window Auto-Up&Down switches

    Want to buy- EK9 Drivers Side Electric Window switchgear, with Auto Up and Down. Thanks
  11. Dzero4

    WTB - PreFace EK Cupholders

    Looking to buy PreFacelift Flip Out Cupholders as pictured below, Part no: 77230-S04-003ZA Preferably in as best condition as possible. Thanks
  12. Dzero4

    WTB EK9 Type Rx

    I'm currently looking to buy a EK9 Type Rx, if you have one in the UK for sale to save me the wait on import let me know :) Preferably as stock as possible with OEM wheels. Thanks
  13. Dzero4

    Genuine EK9 Rear Wing VSM

    Looking for a Genuine Honda EK9 Rear Wing in Vogue Silver, Thanks
  14. Dzero4

    Genuine Honda EK9 Rear Lip Vogue Silver

    As per title, Looking for genuine rear lip, in Vogue silver Facelift car Thanks
  15. Dzero4

    OEM Honda EK9 Grill + Front Lip (Facelift)

    Hey I'm after a Genuine EK9 front lip + Grill (Facelift) , Preferably in silver although another colour in good nick may be considered. Cheers
  16. Dzero4

    OEM Honda EK/EJ Wind Deflectors

    Hey, as above looking for a pair of Wind deflectors with clips in the best condition possible! Cheers!