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  1. MarkMcG

    Power steering pump ek9

    I have one here in ireland. Message me.
  2. MarkMcG

    CTR N1 Crank Pulley

    Pm me a price mate :nice:
  3. MarkMcG

    CTR N1 Crank Pulley

    Sorry to bump this up, but debating putting this on b18c? Has anyone been running one for a long period of time with no issues? Thanks :)
  4. MarkMcG

    Swindon-EK9 - '02 JDM EP3

    Nice JDM ep3! dont see many of them up north!
  5. MarkMcG

    Maintenance price on Ek9 or Ek4 jordan

    Hi mate, Any civic that I've owned needed very little. Honda built these cars to last! just keep it serviced regularly and it should be fine. Look out for rust when buying one especially round the arches and sills. hope this helps.
  6. MarkMcG

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    Always loved this build. Good luck getting here sorted!
  7. MarkMcG

    Kat's JDM 2000 Logo TS GF-GA3

    Super cool! I'd love one of these turbo'd!! Keep up the good work :nice:
  8. MarkMcG

    Parts For Sale

    Cusco brake stopper? pm me pics! :))
  9. MarkMcG

    what mounts? h2b swap

    as above will be putting a h2b swap into a ek9 with the brough h2b kit which uses b serious mounts and driveshafts. My question is what mounts should I go for? I was thinking 75a rating as I hope to have around 250hp when mapped. also which company is best? hasport, innotive or avid? any...
  10. MarkMcG

    Wheels for sale

    where abouts are you in Northern Ireland? interested UK dc2 wheels. I'm from near Enniskillen
  11. MarkMcG

    Ek9 Roll Bars

    I've got front and back but I'm in Northern Ireland. PM if interested
  12. MarkMcG

    Ek9 Pre-facelift ABS Ecu/module

    I've one here with bits associated. pm if interested
  13. MarkMcG

    A/c + abs parts, ek9 rear seat, ek bonnet bra, oem dc5 back box

    sorry to spam, but I have all abs parts here off a ek9. pm if interested thanks
  14. MarkMcG

    Hello from Massachusetts

  15. MarkMcG

    Abs removal

    okay thanks I'll tackle try and see how I get on! thanks :nice:
  16. MarkMcG

    Abs removal

    yeah I've found all that bit what about the passengers side?
  17. MarkMcG

    Abs removal

    yes I know that but does it run in behind the dash or down the car, over the floor and out through a grommet that side? that's what I'm trying figure out? :nice:
  18. MarkMcG

    Abs removal

    Hi, I'm removing the abs in my ek9, I have already removed the abs pump and got 40/40 NON ABS proprop valve and removed the sensors etc. My question is the wiring, I've found the abs ecu in the drivers footwell and some of the wiring but does the abs wiring running behind the dash to the...
  19. MarkMcG

    N00b from Inverness area