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  1. DuncanB

    Realistic price for this car?

    If its as mint as they say it is and he isnt in a hurry to sell then he might get not far off that for it. but it would mean waiting for someone that wants a mint original example.
  2. DuncanB

    2015 Honda NSX "Ring" Test

    Such a shame. hopefully it doesnt put back the launch too far.
  3. DuncanB

    possible track day?

    I'd be up for this. Abingdon sounds good as its 10 minutes away from me.
  4. DuncanB

    Idiotic teenagers make fools of themselves at Brands Hatch

    Funny stuff but it could of gone seriously wrong for them. I read on facebook the police are investigating it and looking to prosecute them.
  5. DuncanB

    Logo Springs

    I got it a couple of months ago as a cheap run about. its clover green, I really wanted a yellow one.
  6. DuncanB

    Logo Springs

    Let me know how you get on with this one mate. I Have been tempted to get some for mine.
  7. DuncanB

    EK4 Rear Brake Upgrade Advice Please

    I have had a good look through various brake threads on the forum and am still a little bit puzzled as to what to do about the rear brakes on my Jordan. I have changed the front brakes from 262's to EK9 282's. but now the rear discs and pads need to be changed as they are worn out, what I am...
  8. DuncanB

    Honda Civic Type R Concept

    I think the tail lights will make it to the production model as they made a point of explaining how they've moddeled them on the original NSX rear lights. They also said Championship white will be the launch colour for it.
  9. DuncanB

    ** Meet 30th March**

    I'll be there.
  10. DuncanB

    AD08 on OEM EK9 wheel

    I had AD08's and now have R-1R's and to be honest there isnt much difference in the performance, both have great grip and feel to them in the dry but I would say that I think the AD08's are a little better in the wet.
  11. DuncanB

    The Fast Show 2014

    I'll go as long as the weather is decent, been the last few years and its pretty good. A little bit chav but still good.
  12. DuncanB

    Nankang NS2R Trackday tyre

    I know this is an old thread but did anyone actually try these? as I may be looking to get a set very soon.
  13. DuncanB

    Bc racing VS Miester R suspension

    I love my BC's. for the money you cant go wrong. i went for an 8kg front spring and 6 rear but thats for a road going EK so dont really know if that would suit a DC2.
  14. DuncanB

    Jordan stickers

    I got some off the guy in the above link, they are very good I would recommend them.
  15. DuncanB

    97 Twin Turbo Supra

    These have been one of my favourite cars for years and have looked into them a lot. If your looking for a later one with the 6 speed gearbox then that is the one to go for. I've heard many horror stories about the earlier 5 speed boxes shitting themselves. They hae a tendency to blow head...
  16. DuncanB

    best polish

    I swear by autoglym super resin polish. Like people hace said it could be down to not doing the right work first. Never under estimate the difference a clay bar can make before you poilish. as for wax I'm using dodo juice banana armour, it says its designed for "hot" coloured cars so should make...
  17. DuncanB

    spoon rep mirrors ek fitment

    I will have a set of reps for sale within the next week. Still on the car at the moment but I can get pictures when its not so dark for you.
  18. DuncanB

    EK9 Spoiler and baseplate

    I'm looking for an EK9 Baseplate. if anyone has one in Y-56 that would be great but if not I can always get one painted. Thanks in advance.
  19. DuncanB

    Keep your knob warm this winter

    Yeah I got a yellow one with a green bobble.
  20. DuncanB

    Keep your knob warm this winter

    I spent 15 minutes in sainsburys looking for a yellow one to match the Jordan interior.