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  1. BenParker

    Its been a long time Ek9.Org a lot changed !

    Its been a long time Ek9.Org a lot changed !
  2. BenParker

    OEM rear bumper facelift !

    Please could you send pictures asap to my e.mail thanks
  3. BenParker

    OEM rear bumper facelift !

    Bump !!
  4. BenParker

    OEM rear bumper facelift !

    Yer that would be grate ! And it would be going on show car so would be painting the inside and out for cleanness.
  5. BenParker

    OEM rear bumper facelift !

    Please send pics close up of ding and pics of inside on the bumper itself please.
  6. BenParker

    OEM rear bumper facelift !

    Cash ready's needs to be good condition, no dents, no filer, no cracks. Paint work not a problem will be getting spray anyway please let me know what u got ! Thanks Ben. :nice: Base in Southampton so would want it to be sent unless your close ish !
  7. BenParker

    Black ek9

    The outside of the bumper and the inside bumper ie filer/fibreglass ? And please do and let me know thanks
  8. BenParker

    Black ek9

    Is the bumper mint out side and inside, paint work not bother about just needs to be 100% perfect and line up 100% ??? Thanks Ben
  9. BenParker

    Instagram ?

    Please follow = benparkerperfectionist
  10. BenParker

    The Fast Show 2014

    Weather good are be there ! Show and shine ;)
  11. BenParker

    Detailing and paint correction Required

    Hi there mate I'm base in Southampton and own a high end detailing service pm me if your interested, add The Perfectionist Valeting Services on Facebook Thanks Ben.j.Parker
  12. BenParker

    OEM EK9 FACELIFT bonnet

    NO PROBS THANK MAN please send pics to my Facebook please mate ?
  13. BenParker

    OEM EK9 FACELIFT bonnet

    as above please ^^ ! :thanks: paintwork could not care less about, just no dents ect ! :D
  14. BenParker

    Chargespeed lip

    Bump. ;)
  15. BenParker

    B16A or B16B distributor unit

    as above please, Need one asap I don't no weather there the same as each other but if you got any of the 2 let me know. Thanks Ben
  16. BenParker

    Ek9 LSD, All interior parts available plus more

    Rear bench can you post for £40 ?? Thanks Ben.
  17. BenParker

    ARC winglets ?

  18. BenParker

    ARC winglets ?

    Yes I know it's a long shot BUT if you have or you know someone with Genuine ARC winglets don't mind paying good money for them ? Thanks Ben :nice:
  19. BenParker

    genuine seeker v2

    Hi Kev any chance you would be able to prove its a genuine seeker v2? Thanks Ben
  20. BenParker

    idle control valve eg6 honda B16A !

    Please send me your e.mail if you need a picture I have got the wrong one on my apparently so anyone got one ? Thanks Ben.J.Parker (CASH W8TING)