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    Shim Stack Pre-load

    Shim ReStackor example calculation retuning a shim stack to be three clicks softer Thought I would post this to liven up the forum, which seemed (to me) a bit dull.
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    good read....fd2r

    Suspension mods- FD2R | MotorPrime
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    Fast Road

    What your favourite suspension for a "fast road set-up" Touge handling and compliant ride? Assuming you have a "matched damper" set-up, would you go for a relatively softer spring rate and firmer damper or a harder spring and softer damper. BTW, any of you dudes heard what "seal drag" is?
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    ohlins DFV

    Spring rate 12/5 kg/mm Hear that ride is comfortable, but the there is a a bit more body roll than one would like. any feedback? anyone use TEIN Flex (8/5 kg/mm) as well? would like to know your feedback one is a monotube, the other is a twin tube DFV has a blow-off valve on...
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    Handling - EK9 vs FD2?
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    EK9 Takasu

    YouTube - Ek9 Civic Type R Takasu Maji Attack
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    Civic battle EF9 vs EK9 vs FN2 vs FD2 @ Suzuka

    YouTube - Civic battle EF9 vs EK9 vs FN2 vs FD2 @ Suzuka
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    Mfactory - Mainshaft Thrust Clearance

    Question to MFactory - how crucial is the main shaft thrust clearance to shift quality? Also how crucial is the friction dampers on 1st and 2nd?
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    rocker arms

    ) I looked at the shop manual, couldn't find any information/specifications on when to replace them. Can you guy help? 2) B16A versus B16B rockers - are they the same?
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    OS Giken Super Lock

    To MFactory: After maching the case (see attachment) for a OS giken LSD, can the case be re-used for the standard LSD?
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    200+ whp only - what LSD?

    You guys who have 200+ whp hondas - what LSD do you use? Do the stock LSD have issues at those power levels (e.g. failure) ?
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    Oil and Coolant Passages

    Which are the oil galleries? And which are the for the coolant?
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    Apexi FC Commander Sensor/Sw - (Katakana)

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    TEIN MSV (Monoflex) versus Ohlins DFV

    Micro Speed Valve(M.S.V.)について Damping force changes as oil flow bypassing needle valve changes. M.S.V. system generates damping force at the separate valve placed at the bypass flowing through the needle valve. Adjusting the knob to softer setting...