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  1. Paintballer3000

    Spoon Sports Street Muffler

    Looking for Spoon Street Muffler ! Good - great condition ! I’m located in Germany
  2. Paintballer3000

    WTB: Spoon sw388 wheels

    Like above , looking 4 Spoon SW388 Wheels in 15" and 5x114,3
  3. Paintballer3000

    Spoon twin block calipers

    Looking for a set in good condition EK9 fitment shipping to germany
  4. Paintballer3000

    EK9 Steering Rack

    Looking for Steering rack ! Shipping to Germany !!!
  5. Paintballer3000

    Why is it a Problem for People from UK...

    ... To ship to Germany ? I dont Understand why ? For me it is Not a Problem to ship from Germany to uk and it is Not much More expensive. So please tell me why ^^
  6. Paintballer3000

    Mugen or Tegiwa Airbox

    Looking for Mugen Carbon Airbox or the replika from Tegiwa ! In good condition. Including shiping to Germany
  7. Paintballer3000

    OEM EK9 B-Pipe

    Looking 4 OEM B-Pipe ! shipping to Germany !! :bow:
  8. Paintballer3000

    AC delete duct

    Search the AC delete duct , because im going to non-AC need one from nonAC EJ9 or EK9
  9. Paintballer3000

    EK9 Backseat (shipping to Germany)

    Looking for EK9 Backseat in perfect condition ! shipped to germany ! gogogo :please:
  10. Paintballer3000

    EK9 Non-Airbag Steering Wheel

    Looking 4 Ek9 non Airbag steering wheel ! :bow:
  11. Paintballer3000

    Vote 4 me

    Hey Plz vote 4 my EK9 @ this voting You only have to "like" the picture ;) big :thanks:
  12. Paintballer3000

    Spoon Steering Wheel

    Looking for Spoon Steering Wheel in perfect condition ;)
  13. Paintballer3000

    SpoonN1 Backbox

    Looking for SpoonN1 Backbox :clap: Incl. Shipping to Germany ;)
  14. Paintballer3000

    Paintballer´s white EK9 from Germany

    Hey guys ! My first post here ... Now i show you my ride :D (Sorry 4 my terrible english) Honda Civic EK9 Facts: 1997 Pre-Facelift White 200cpi from Kaido Skunk2 MegaPower ATS DTC 15" Hankook RS2 ToDo List: D2 Coilcover X-Brace Tegiwa 4-2-1 Header ITR or Tegiwa...