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  1. Michael Flare

    Newly swapped EK9 cluster reads RPM with delay

    Hi guys! I have a 1996 Honda Civic CX hatchback. I’ve had the original Civic CX cluster (no tachometer) since day 1 and also the upgraded Civic LX/EX cluster (with tachometer) since 2009, and they both have always worked flawlessly. I just swapped out the cluster with a genuine EK9 cluster with...
  2. Michael Flare

    What if I didn't use shim?

    Hi. I was wondering if you guys can tell me what would happen if I didn't shim the area between the differential bearing and the transmission case. Last year, I installed an MFactory LSD into my transmission and I did not use a shim because I had no idea how they work and where to put it. Can...
  3. Michael Flare

    The Drive [ EK9 Imposter ]

  4. Michael Flare

    New Input Shaft Bearing makes noise

    I changed all the bearings in my transmission last year to new ones. Nothing was wrong with them, I wanted to change them all out because I was taking the transmission apart anyways. After about 6 months, the ISB is making noise especially when the engine is cold and starting up. The noise goes...
  5. Michael Flare

    How to Replace Wheel Bearing

  6. Michael Flare

    Racing at Import Alliance 2015

  7. Michael Flare

    How to install Racing Harness

  8. Michael Flare

    Wax Day

  9. Michael Flare

    God Save the 9

  10. Michael Flare

    How to Change Transmission Fluid

  11. Michael Flare

    How to Install a Shifter

  12. Michael Flare

    How to Rotate Tires

  13. Michael Flare

    How to replace Clutch Cylinder

  14. Michael Flare

    Camber Angle for Autocross?

    I am going to the alignment shop in a few hours. What camber angles in the front and rear do you guys prefer for racing? I have an EK with a ST 24mm front sway bar and a CTR 22mm rear sway bar. My tires are 195/50/15 Falken Ziex 912 (90% tread remaining) on CTR wheels.