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  1. abunai888

    abunai civic (present)

    Been here for a long time and finally i decided to make a built thread show you gus what i have done to my car all these years ! All started almost a decade ago when i bought my first and only honda so far a cypress green civic ek3 ils with the d15z6 vtec engine. back in the days it had an hks...
  2. abunai888

    advance timming issuewith p28 ecu

    my set up is a I/H/E b18c5 engine with a chipped p28 ecu tuned by a local tuner. i wanted to check the advance timming so i grabbed my timming light pistol and i saw that the marks on the pulley can not align at all. i also used a second timming light with the same result. trying to find out...
  3. abunai888

    B18c Fuel pump configuration help

    I'm going to buy a fuel pump ,a used one and the guy says that is from an integra type r. How can i know if the fuel pump is from a b series doch vtec ie.b18cR ? it has any marks,numbers,different color or anything to differ from the non vtec pumps ? :nerv:
  4. abunai888

    radiator toggle switch how to do it?

    hi. I want to make the radiator fan to work also manualy from inside the car. I found that most how to's reccomends a relay and a fuse wiring. But why not make things easyer ? What if i splice the wires from the themp sensor to a toggle switch wont that work ?
  5. abunai888

    oem injector replacement what to buy ?

    hi guys !! i need new injectors since 2 of 4 oem ones are off ! (i checked them on injector cleaning/test machine) in the past a fault injector cost a motor to a friend. New ones from honda dealer are a rip off ! i heard that oem b18c-R injectors are 240cc what aftermarket injectors to buy...
  6. abunai888

    H2B ef9 from Greece
  7. abunai888

    3'' exhaust sound clips

    Almost 2,5years on this set up. Tegiwa toda replica header 3''custom exhaust no cat two big straight trough resonators.
  8. abunai888

    oem type R lsd locking %

    hi guys ! how much locking % has the oem itr/ctr lsd ? thinking upgrading to an mfactory lsd for street use i'll go for an 1way but haven't decided if i'll go for a helical or a metal plate one both these lsd's starts from 60% lock....
  9. abunai888

    fuel pressure readings

    hey guys i have a question so long story short. installed a B&M fuel pressure gauge when i was using oem fuel pump i noticed that fuel pressure was dropping down to 0 after 3-4 hours car was sitting in the garage. since i was prepping the car for the tuner i installed a walbro 190lph fuel...
  10. abunai888

    spark plug heat range and power

    hi what heat range spark plug is better to use on a b18c dc2 engine with i/h/e bolt ons and ~11,8:1 cr ? when my car was stock i was using ngk bkr7eix -11 spark plugs. is it better to run one step colder since weather temperatures are almost 40c' and i'll use 95 octane fuel ...
  11. abunai888

    close gear set up ftw !!

    old school integra type-R gear comparison and test !! - YouTube
  12. abunai888

    ITR DC2 ALLOY aircon engine mount +aem v2 mount

    hi i'm looking for an aluminum a/c engine mount from integra type R it looks like this : photo1_zpsd0545d84.jpg Photo by Certified_Honda | Photobucket and also if someone has one for sale i'll need the L trans brace that AEM v2 intake kits had like this one...
  13. abunai888

    crank pullely service limit ?

    wondering if oem crank pulleys need replacement after some amount of time or km driven since most of them have a rubber inside ...
  14. abunai888

    shift light to check engine light ??

    hi there ! since i have a chipped p28 ecu my check engine light lights up before red line. i want to hook up extra 2 led's to make it more noticeable.:) i need some help how to do the connection !
  15. abunai888

    rear diffuser/bumper holes type dilemma

    really i have mixed feelings on this type of mod. speed holes on rear bumper can help with extra drag rear bumper produce , i take this as a fact but for the looks what do you think ? this ?? or stay oem ?? thanks :nice:
  16. abunai888

    rotrex magic !

    Sportcar Motion KraftWerks ITR at Firebird Raceway - YouTube what is rotrex Why Rotrex? - YouTube and a friends car with rotrex ''intake'' rotrex type-R - YouTube
  17. abunai888

    wanna se something fast ?(not a honda)

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR [email protected] (Boost 14psi) - YouTube revs a lot more than a honda ... i'm kinda jealous :)
  18. abunai888

    heater not working

    the heater/blower is not working. well the 2,3 and 4 works but the 1 doesnt work. i have no idea whats wrong or what could possibly be the problem. any infor going about fixing it would be great help...
  19. abunai888

    help:fuel cap part number !!

    hi everyone ! i need a new fuel cap from honda so i need the part number its for a honda civic ek3.
  20. abunai888

    start problem.

    i have a stock internal b18cR engine, i/h/e and tuned p28. i use rdx injectors ( i bought new with walbro 190 lph ) problem is : car starts fine every morning just like stock. but it will not start with first crank when weather is hotter like afternoon it need to crank it twice and or...