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  1. delsol


    a very serious seller
  2. delsol

    pressure regulator

    need a stock b16b gas regulator
  3. delsol


    I will take the crank. Postage to Portugal please
  4. delsol

    JDM B18 head,B18c4,b16a ARP head studs. offers welcome!

    How much for b18c4 shipped to portugal?
  5. delsol

    New member

    Bem vindo :))
  6. delsol

    Alpine IDA-X100

    Still waiting price for portagem
  7. delsol

    Alpine IDA-X100

    Still waiting
  8. delsol

    Alpine IDA-X100

    best price posted to portugal?
  9. delsol

    onto engine number 3..........

    sooooooooooo nice man:bow:
  10. delsol

    BC Racing Coilovers Now Available EK9, EK4,

    price for a 93 eg posted to portugal?
  11. delsol

    Breaking JRSC B16B EG6

    Buddyclub Racing spec coilovers Skunk2 dual bend short shifter Skunk2 Gearknob can you send photos?
  12. delsol

    RACING LOGIC Coilovers - Introductory Offer!!

    Is there any kind off discount for members?
  13. delsol

    B16B Head/Loom/ECU/Distributors/Rocker Covers/Intake Manifolds

    you didnt reply to my pm for postage two dizzy to portugal
  14. delsol

    hi can you give the tracking number again i closed the paypal claim and lost it.

    hi can you give the tracking number again i closed the paypal claim and lost it.
  15. delsol

    Mugen88's Integra Build

    great build
  16. delsol

    99 spec b16b engine with all ancillaries,driveshafts, shifter linkages

    will you sell the distributor? driveshafts?gear linkage?
  17. delsol

    PT Friend

    there is alot of people from portugal here more then 50 :)
  18. delsol

    PT Friend EK3

    pinta de branco :)
  19. delsol

    PT Friend

    one more from portugal great enjoy your stay im from porto too
  20. delsol

    b16b distributor

    up up up