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  1. DOSvtec

    Car mappers in Northern Ireland

    Can anyone recommend a tuner in ni for performance cars and someone with a 4wd dyno? Any one ever used elite performance?
  2. DOSvtec

    My New Toy

    After 5 years of owning my ek9 I decided to part with it and buy another new toy, after owning a Evo 6 and 8 in the past I knew it was the only car I wanted after the ek9.. So here is my Evo 7 fq300 with just over 60000 miles. Basically standard the way I wanted it with a hks induction kit and...
  3. DOSvtec

    Spoon Cluster, crazy sold price..

    Just seen this on fb, it sold in the USA for $4000 which is just over £2600.. Crazy price for a mod that you get no gains with lol even tho you get a very very rare item, would you pay it??
  4. DOSvtec

    If You Had To Choose Between Two!?

    this is just a thread to see if you had a certain budget to buy a new car after selling your current car, what would you buy. try and keep prices realistic instead of picking between a lambo and Ferrari, unless that's a option for you lol be interesting to see other members car choices...
  5. DOSvtec

    OEM wind deflectors and ek9 air box For Sale

    Item for sale: OEM Wind Visors Reputation: DOSvtec Price: £50+postage Paypal: Yes Location: Ireland Condition: 5/10 Description: wind visors in ok condition, few slight light scape marks and a slight stain on one (in pics) but no cracks. one clip and screw missing but visors still fit good...
  6. DOSvtec

    Is There Any Army Members?

    As above, looking to see if anyone on here is in the army and was wondering if they could help me out if so..
  7. DOSvtec

    Merry Xmas To All...

    Merry Xmas to all members and a have prosperous new year... May your Hondas get all they wished for :D
  8. DOSvtec

    Preferences when buying a new car

    Me and a few friends were discussing what our preferences are when buying a new car so I thought I'd ask the members on here aswell. We we talking about Hondas, evos, m3 etc modified exterior can be carbon parts etc modified engine can be cams, intake etc Our results were 50/50 as some lads...
  9. DOSvtec

    # Mint Facelift EK9 For Sale #

    Item for sale: '99 CW facelift ek9 type R (170000kms) Reputation: DOSvtec Price: OPEN TO OFFERS Paypal: deposit only Location: Donegal Ireland Description: mint after awhile of thinking ive decided to put my ek9 up for sale. ive owned this car since feb 2010 and its been my pride and joy ever...
  10. DOSvtec

    WTB: Fog light surround

    As above, I'm after 1 fog light surround for a facelift ek9 if anyone has one laying about, or if not I'll buy a pair but don't need the fog lights. Thanks
  11. DOSvtec

    Car Culture EK9 stand, Ballykelly, July 6th!?

    I was talking to the organisers about takin my car down to the car show on July 6th in ballykelly but thought it would be cool to have a stand at it instead as there will be other car club stands as well. I've to let the organisers know numbers by the middle of June if were going to have...
  12. DOSvtec

    So many brands, how to choose?

    I've been reading about different polish types but can't make my mind up what to get. I'm looking to do the 3 stages of polish, then glaze and seal or wax to finish. I'm thinkin on the meguiars or sonus for the 3 polishes and then maybe poorboys for glaze. Does anyone have an experience with...
  13. DOSvtec

    Older generation of civics explained!?

    I've always been into civics but have only ever had the ek's from vti's to coupes and ek9s, so when I was going to do a project I got an ek9 to do it on as there the best finished of the ek's but now I'm thinking on a new project on the older gen civics, but what's the best base to buy in the ef...
  14. DOSvtec

    Guess The Legend.

    So who can tell me the name of a person that was born on this day many years ago but is no longer with us? A clue would be, without this person, most of us would not share the same passion..
  15. DOSvtec

    # New & Used parts for sale #

    Item for sale: RC6 CL brake pads Reputation: Price: SOLD.. Paypal: Yes Location: Ireland Condition: New Description: rc6 CL brake pads for the front of ek9/dc2, these are a high performance pad, best suited to track/rally cars. i...
  16. DOSvtec

    Building Scale Models..

    Ive seen a few nicely finished scale models on Facebook recent and was wondering is there much to building one? The models I've seen are finished exactly to how the owners car is.. Has anyone done one or know much about them? Or where to buy the extra parts to build one so I could build a model...
  17. DOSvtec

    Who all Agrees...

    Saw this tonight and thought, the lads on the forum probably think the same :D
  18. DOSvtec

    The New Type R.

    What do all think of the new civic even though its now turbo!? Going by this picture I think there awesome looking..
  19. DOSvtec

    Tidy looking k20 EG..

    Wouldn't mind this if I had the spare dollars laying about..
  20. DOSvtec

    Rare Looking EG...

    Has to be one of the most unusual mods to an eg :shocked: opinions!?