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  1. danbo2002

    Rambo' FD2

    Missed and regretted selling that car so much I've just bought another Glad to see it down at Mimms and looking better than when I let it go, was great to see you and the mrs too man, hopefully see you out agian soon
  2. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Thanks mate, FD2 is looking well too, Mugen grille is a really nice touch, glad it ended up in good hands man
  3. danbo2002

    Idle issue ek9

    New 02 sensor would be my next thing to try
  4. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Thank you mate and please do what is your insta name and website?
  5. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Bo'ness car show at the weekend there
  6. danbo2002

    Ek9 sump question

  7. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Attended Mimms Honda day down at the three sisters race circuit at the weekend, forgot to take any pictures but nabbed a few that friends took
  8. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Slowly getting the OEM look back
  9. danbo2002

    Spoon ek9 throttle body

    Yes... I have one now and have had them in the past, it's a standard Hinda throttle body tapered out on the air intake side, think it's tapered to 68mm if memory serves me correctly Wouldn't say it made the world of difference on a standard map, increases throttle response a little, but good...
  10. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Had the car out a few times now, also picked up a few parts that I'd like on before Mimms at the end of the month The parts... Original EK9 wheel in great nick A custom made brake cylinder stopper, 1 of only 2 pieces ever made I believe and the only 1 anodised red. Big thanks to @robbieD...
  11. danbo2002

    Mimms Honda Day @ 3 Sisters Circuit -29th May 2022

    I will be here with the Type R Scotland gang, looking forward to seeing some nice motors and meeting some new faces... if you see me come say hi
  12. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Been a long winter but I’m looking forward to getting the car back out start or May, few shows booked this year so hopefully get out and about much more than the last few years I normally use Honda MTF3 for the gearbox but after a few long discussions with a guy in the know I’ve decided to...
  13. danbo2002

    EK9 Rear and Side decal (for black color)

    says they are still available here, I’d email and ask before ordering as sometimes they have them listed available when they are not
  14. danbo2002

    Parts wanted for EK and EG

    rear brake dust shields
  15. danbo2002

    New Headlights - Maintenance and Care...

    I gave my new headlights a couple of coats of CarPro Dlux when I first got them and they are still in brand new condition after nearly 3 years I also give them a coat of wax anytime the cars getting done Whatever you do to them DO NOT use anything abrasive, no polishes, compounds or glazes When...
  16. danbo2002

    Dzero4 Reputation Thread

    Great seller, sourced me a now discontinued genuine oil cap, delivered fast, packaged well, great price and a we bonus pack of Haribos, what more can a man ask for! Thanks again
  17. danbo2002

    Rear calipers OEM ek9
  18. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Thanks very much man I started it all in April 2019, so it's been a few years now, started the post in April 2020 so was already a year into it Tbh there's no big plans for it, just keep it well maintained, clean and enjoy it a little bit
  19. danbo2002

    Majimas EJ9 project

    Always says that, but I always just order and bits are normally here within 2/3 weeks mate. I've ordered from them lots and never had one problem
  20. danbo2002

    My EK9.... take 2

    Thanks very much mate Garage is tiny unfortunately but I did consider this....