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  1. wishy

    Scottish Meet 2nd April - Location TBC

    Evening all, Seem as if it has been a while since there was a Scottish meet. Thought i would post up and see if there is any interest in one maybe the end of March start of April. Would be good to see old faces and new now that i am back in a honda. Was thinking somewhere in the central belt...
  2. wishy

    Not so New

    Evening all, Some of you will know me, some wont but after becoming a dad and buying a sensible car. I have now got bored of the sensible car and sold it last week. I have now found myself back in a good old honda. Still not had an ek9 but this one might be a bit rarer. I have picked up a...
  3. wishy

    H22a Final Drive

    Good day all, Hope everyone is well, it been a while since i have really been on and posted. I am looking for a little bit of information, if anyone one can shed any light on this for me. Is there anyone what has experienced a 4.64 MFactory FD on an H22a. I don't want this to turn in to a...
  4. wishy

    1983 Mazda RX7 FB Series 2

    1983 Mazda RX7 FB Series 2 Mileage: 83000 Mile'ish Condition: Selling as a unfinished but runner project Location: Glasgow Price: £5950 willing to listen to offers Mot: June 2016 Reputation: The car was full restored 4 years ago including quarter...
  5. wishy

    Lovely beautiful stunning buy me now EP3 Type R

    EP3 Honda Civic Type R Premier Edition Mileage: 94000 Mile'ish Condition: All good. Location: Glasgow Price: £4200 Mot: January 2016 Reputation: Description: 2006 Civic Premier edition, one of the last EP3s off the line Full service history up to...
  6. wishy

    EP3 CIVIC Premier Edition

    EP3 Honda Civic Premier Edition Mileage: 93000 Mile'ish Condition: All good. Location: Glasgow Price: £5500.00 With alloy £5k bring your own wheels Mot: January 2016 Description: 2006 Civic Premier edition, one of the last EP3s off the line Full service history up to 86k then owner serviced...
  7. wishy

    Colin String M's, Skunk2 and more

    Item for sale: Skunk2 Tuner stage II cams with adjustable cam gear Reputation: wishy Price: £320 Paypal:Yes Location: Glasgow Condition: 7/10 Description: Used but in good condition, covered roughly 10k
  8. wishy

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas Everyone :D I hope Santa has brought you all some shiney car parts :nice:
  9. wishy


    Hey up lads, I am not on any other honda forum just here. Looking for some ep3 and k20 parts is there any decent forums people can recommend that sells quite a bit on? Cheers
  10. wishy

    K20 bits

    Looking for a ported 70mm RBC manifold and 70mm throttle body if there is any around? Cheers
  11. wishy

    EP3 Coilovers

    As above any ep3 coilovers about or can someone point me in the direction some? Cheers
  12. wishy

    My EP3

    Good day all, I am finally back in a Honda and it is a Type R just not a EK9. I lost the feeling for the M3, no idea why i just want a honda again. I was after a S2000 but i got a deal with an EP3 and after seeing the car i thought i have just got to have it. The a car is a Premier Edition one...
  13. wishy

    E46 M3 SMG II

    Item for sale: E46 M3 SMG II Reputation: wishy Price: 6500 Location: Glasgow Description: Below Hi there, For sale is my 2002 E46 M3 SMG II . Full service history, 103k on it 3k until the next service. Silver Comes with a private Plate T12 SCL 1/2 Leather/ M3 clothe. Just had 2 new rear...
  14. wishy

    Twin engined EG

    Spotted this on ebay. Never seen nor heard of it. Something different anyway.
  15. wishy

    Civic EG's

    Just out of curiosity anyone know of any good around that are for sale? :thanks:
  16. wishy

    Danger-mouse's K20 EK9

    Posting this up on behalf of danger-mouse as he can post pic's up from his fone. Some of you may remember his as Gav's old EK9 now with a nice shiney K20 in her. A rough spec- Ep3 facelift engine which comes with lighter flywheel Ep3 gear box with LSD fitted Stage4 clutch Rdx...
  17. wishy

    Gym and fitness forum/sub fourm

    Just thought i would suggest it, not sure if it would be worth while or to much extra work. There is a lot of chat and good advice in the gym/fitness thread and some knowledgeable members happy to share advice. I was just wondering if it would be idea to add it to its own sub forum. So people...
  18. wishy

    Spotted illegal rave 9

    Haha, seen this video and noticed a civic at about 0.50sec. Wondered if it was anybodies?
  19. wishy

    Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R P7F

    Posting on behalf of a friend. Item for sale: Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R P7F Reputation: Wishy..... Price: £3800 Paypal?: Cash on collection Location:Glasgow Condition:8/10 Description: Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R P7F for sale. Stunning pearl fire orange Tax - 12 months MOT - 20 Aug Milage...
  20. wishy

    A bit pricey

    Nice looking car and well spec'd but over 9K