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  1. db-89

    98 spec RTA differences

    my 98 spec had the rear trailing arm changed at some stage,just wondering is there differences in the models of integras ? I don't seem to have as much of a gap between the rta and the wheel inner lip as I do the otherside,the wheel bearing was changed on that side and I'm thinking that could be...
  2. db-89

    Ek4 Rear abs sensor into DC2

    Iv a failed rear left abs sensor on my 98DC2 ,the availability on these is now extremely poor new and secondhand. Has anyone rewired an ek4 one into a dc2? The sensor itself looks correct but the plug is wrong so it will need to be repinned to the dc2 connection. Alternatively does anyone know...
  3. db-89

    mugen airbox

    does anyone know if the ek9 and dc2 mugen airbox's are the same item? iv found part numbers online and they are different but maybe this is different brackets? thanks
  4. db-89

    B18 Distributor ICM

    looking to replace my ICM as its on the way out.where can i buy one? im from ireland so an EU seller would be better thanks
  5. db-89

    rev counter acting funny

    The rpm gauge on my DC2 sometimes acts funny. over 5000 it can go jumpy AF but other times its perfect. nothing is off with performance ,no jumpy idle missfires. im new to hondas so totally lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. db-89

    98 spec Integra Type R

    So got my first Honda this week,its a jdm DC2 . Been in the country since 2010 so not long out of japan. Only modification are powerflex shifter bushes,a cd player,KnN filter and some horrid engine dressup washer and stupid intake scoop . plans are make it close to a usable perfect , Respray...
  7. db-89

    New DC2 owner

    Finally after a few months of looking for either an EK9 or a DC2 and looking at some dreadful cars i finally found a near stock DC2 . Iv had a few jap cars before but never a Honda and they've been on the list for some time now (so plenty of stupid questions to come :D ) im a qualified mechanic...