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  1. lightey

    Ek9 b16b code 9 cyp

    I've been having this problem on an off for a couple of months. Car started and ran fine, but had the eml light on, pulled the codes and comes back with cyp sensor. So.. I've removed the distributor and took it to bits and there's a a tear drop like peice of metal that goes onto the shaft with a...
  2. lightey

    B16b stroker kit And final drive questions

    Been looking into stroking my b16b but getting confused. I know what parts I need to do the job but I just need to know if I will need any other supporting mods like cams valves and springs ect. I'd also like to know people's opinions for changing the final drive on the s4c box. I'll be carrying...
  3. lightey

    Work meisters s1 2peice

    Looking at getting some meister s1's but I'm struggling to find what size to get. I was going to go with 15x7 but I've seen a few with a deeper offset on the back than the front so I'm not sure what to go for. Any info would be great!:))
  4. lightey

    All Polished up

    Just had a machine polish. So happy with how it came out!! :)):))
  5. lightey

    Ek9 ecu question?

    I'm looking into a hondata s300 and I can only find info on p28/p30 ecu's. My ecu says it's a PCT and when I opened it up it looks different e.g. Where you would solder in socket for chip is not there. Do I need to change my ecu or does the socket/chop go in a different place?
  6. lightey

    Oem airbox with spoon elbow

    Currently running a whale cock induction ATM but looking to change to a modded oem airbox with spoon elbow and panel filter. Are spoon the only ones that makes these elbows? I've seen a couple on the internet but havnt heard any reviews.
  7. lightey


    Looking for an ek9 baseplate if anyone has one? Or if you have original spoiler with baseplate how much? Also after some alloys for my ek9 preferably 16". Ihave some rota g force 17"x8.00 for px or sale.
  8. lightey

    Wanted: ek9 spoiler and baseplate, maybe some 16" wheels?

    Looking for an ek9 spoiler and baseplate and maybe some 16" wheels for my ek9. Also have some rota g-force 17" alloys for swaps/sale