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    how much to turbo my jordan??

    Don't racetech do a fully kit and fitted for 3k drive in drive out? Worth looking at, that is what I was looking at when I first contemplated turboing the '9.
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    wanna se something fast ?(not a honda)

    I swear it doesn't look like hes going as fast as the speedo says?!
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    Rat Look

    Rat look = gay as fook.
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    Help please ek9 or not

    Buy mine! It's on pistonheads now. One of the nicest EK9's about IMO with a B18C6.. Quick.
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    Clio 182 (Looking for PX for EK9)

    Ah that's a shame! I guess he'd be looking at a pre-facelift then? Hope he finds one! Sick cars.
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    Posted in the clio ad, incase you miss it. :)

    Posted in the clio ad, incase you miss it. :)
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    Clio 182 (Looking for PX for EK9)

    Can't PM as not enough posts! I'm looking to sell my EK9 and take a cheap car in P/X.. I'd be looking at something like 4k my way + the Clio, if your friend is interested give me a text as I am rarely ever on here. Used 2000 EK9 Civic Type-R with B18C6 - Immaculate -... for sale -...
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    Black ek9 Bournemouth

    Might have been me? Black EK9, carbon bonnet, anthracite teggy wheels, Mugen twinloop etc.