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    Ignition Timing

    I'm trying to get my head around how to "correctly" set ignition timing. I understand as the RPM band increases the plug needs to ignite sooner to accommodate for a faster moving piston, however I'm trying to understand what indicators provide the information that the timing has been set...
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    Lowering Comp for Turbo

    Hi guys, I was hoping to shed some light on this topic. I'm looking at starting the process of purchasing some turbo bits, and one of the things I was considering was lowering compression with lower comp forged pistons. I was wondering, aside from power loss what adverse affects does lowering...
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    Helms Manual?

    Quick question, disregard my ignorance but can anyone explain what helms manual is to me? I downloaded one but it seems to just be a condensed version of the service manual. Am I missing something? Some people swear by it.
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    Burnt popcorn smell??

    Hey guys Been quiet for a while moving into a place and saving so haven't spent time or money on my car in a while. I've noticed of late when holding high revs, WOT or downshifting (heel-toe) sometimes the cabin fills with a burnt popcorn-ish smell. It's difficult to explain, but it's almost...
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    Rear LCAs

    Hey guys Been quiet for a little while, unfortunately haven't been able to spend a lot of money on the car lately. However I did notice a while back my rear LCA bushings were a little beat. I decided instead of having them pressed out, and purchasing new bushings I would freshen up the rear...
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    In car footage recording

    What's everyone using to record track footage? I was going to buy a GoPro because that's what everybody else does, but they're a bit pricey (I know you get what you pay for). Anyone had any luck with cheaper alternatives that record just as well? Good quality footage is an absolute must, a...
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    Front + Rear Sway Bars?

    Hey guys, was wondering what people think of the front sway bars on FWD? I got the ASR rear subframe + 24mm sway bar kit which has really tightened up the rear end since I got it quite some time ago, but I'm looking into getting a front sway bar and have been reading mixed reviews on the front...
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    EK9/DC2R Steering Rack/Sub Frame

    Hey guys Heard good things about the DC2/EK9 steering racks but wanted to see if anyone knew if they were roughly the same in terms of responsiveness/distance lock to lock. I understand to change the rack I'm going to need the sub frame and the rack but they should bolt onto the EK LCAs ok...
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    EK Splitter Materials

    Hey guys In the market for a semi budget splitter - have been searching around for something suitable and think I may have come across one that's well priced but unsure of the material. Basically a fancy CF one would've been nice but unfortunately I can't really allocate my budget to it or...
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    S2000 Cluster/general wiring question

    Hey guys - firstly a fore-word and apology as I know the topic of S2000 cluster conversions has been beat to death, and I know there are heaps of threads around (not that I haven't searched - most threads are really old and pictures are broken) but this is more a question for the...
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    To VTEC and Beyond - EK B18C Build

    Hey guys, greetings from Australia. Going to keep the introduction short, so basically been in the Honda scene for a bit over a year or so now. I've got a 1997 Civic EK Hatch, bought it with an original d16y4 and it all started with the contemplation of an engine swap for a b series, fast...