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  1. LittleGeo

    OBD2A to OBD1 ECU Conversion Harness

    Item for sale: OBD2A to OBD1 Conversion Harness Reputation: Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes Location: Bonnybridge Condition: Used, Good, fully working. Description: OBD2A to OBD1 Conversion harness. Was on my EK9 when I bought it, but has been...
  2. LittleGeo

    White Facelift EK9 - M9

    Seen a Facelift EK9 on the M9 earlier today heading towards Edinburgh, flashed and waved at them and seen the driver turn round, not sure who it was but I was in my white EK9.
  3. LittleGeo

    WTB: EK4/EK9 Complete Airbox

    Wanted: Full EK4/EK9 B-series complete intake box and intake pipe (part that goes on bottom of airbox) along with pipe to throttle body
  4. LittleGeo

    Integra DC2 Recaro Rails

    Item for sale: Integra DC2 Recaro Rails Reputation: Price: SOLD Paypal: Yes Location: Bonnybridge, Scotland Condition: Good Description: Set of Integra DC2 recaro rails that came out my EK9, they sit a fair bit lower than standard EK9...
  5. LittleGeo

    EK9 Recaro rails

    Currently have DC2 rails in my civic but looking for EK9 Recaro rails! cash waiting!
  6. LittleGeo

    EK4 Fan Blades For Sale

    Item for sale: EK4 vti fan blade alloys x4 Reputation: Price: £80 Paypal: Yes Location: Bonnybridge, central Scotland Condition: 6/10 Description: Set of EK4 fan blades, come complete with centre caps and are in overall good condition...
  7. LittleGeo

    No Good Racing

    Some videos of No Good Racing Kanjo team! this is real kanjo videos shot by stickydiljoe and 6TWO1
  8. LittleGeo

    Parts for sale - new stuff added

    Item for sale: EK9 Rear Lip Reputation: Price: £60 collected Paypal: Yes Location: Bonnybridge, Scotland Condition: 8/10 Description: Genuine EK9 Rear Lip that I no longer require, pretty good condition, few little scratches on it so...
  9. LittleGeo

    LittleGeo Rep

    Any feedback regarding, buying, payment, replies etc. Much appreciated George
  10. LittleGeo

    EK9 prefacelift front lip

    Hi folks! I'm after an oem ek9 front lip for a prefacelift ek9 before it goes into paint nearer the end of next month! Not sure how much they are from honda so after a good condition 2nd hand one!
  11. LittleGeo

    EK9 B16b OEM ECU wanted

    Hi folks! I'm after a standard ek9 prefacelift ecu, need one asap. Cash waiting Thanks
  12. LittleGeo

    EK9 rear interior

    Im after rear seatbelts, rear speaker covers, the plastics that goes round top of the window and along where boot catch is. My EK9 was missing these so any of these in black interior would be appreciated. Cash waiting.
  13. LittleGeo

    George's EK9

    Picked up this EK9 yesterday from Derby. Reasonbly straight and clean shell. Seems the car was up in the Glasgow area for a few years where it had all the mods fitted and only went down south earlier this year. Mods currently fitted: *Stage 1 clutch *Stage 1 lightened flywheel *Brake stopper...
  14. LittleGeo

    Air intake setup

    Hi guys! I'm after either a whales ***** air intake or aem style intake or a decent oem airbox to fit an ej9 with a d16 in it! Cash waiting!
  15. LittleGeo

    obd2b engine loom

    Hi there. Looking for a obd2b engine loom for an engine swap in a facelift EJ9! Thanks.
  16. LittleGeo

    Racing Rivals

    Anyone play this game on their iOS or android phone? free drag racing style game with quite a few honda's in it!
  17. LittleGeo

    Rear Anti Roll Bar Bolts

    Hi there! Anyone know where the best places to get new bolts to attach the Anti Roll bar to the chassis? Also need nuts for my drop links as bought a 2nd hand bar with drop links and don not have any nuts on the end of them. So if anyone knows the size etc. that would be great! Thanks in...
  18. LittleGeo

    Honda meet tomorrow

    Club Vtec Scotland are having a Honda meeting at the Falkirk wheel tomorrow at 1 if anyone is interested.
  19. LittleGeo

    Silver EK Hatch M9

    Seen a nice Silver Ek9 with ek9'd rear lights on M9 about Grangemouth, didn't get reg!
  20. LittleGeo

    LittleGeo VSM EJ9

    Been told off another member I best start a build for my car on here so here goes! Bought the EJ9 2 years ago and just been running about it so far not done too much to it, but plan to be doing more to it over the next few months in the way of alloys, braces etc! Current Spec: AEM Short Ram...