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    B18c'r ek

    Plenty of pic's provided before sale. Nice friendly guy. Cheers dude :)
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    ARB to subframe brackets and one D bracket

    I'm after a subframe to ARB bracket and a D bracket (just the one but will take 2) for a EK4. From the below image I need 2x no8 and 1x no6.
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    EK9 lips, VSM if possible or any colour coded bits.

    Jamie, thanks for posting them up mate :) I have looked at a selection of aftermarket lips but none of them are a close enough copy. I know if I got her anything other than OEM or something that's not a like for like copy she'd be unimpressed haha. The winglets on the copies stick out too much...
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    EK9 lips, VSM if possible or any colour coded bits.

    Hi folks, I'm after front and rear EK9 lips for the Mrs, preferably in VSM (as a birthday present on the 16th so no rush) Wouldn't say no to colour coded bits either, grille, skirt, plate recess, door strips, mirrors. I'll consider anything :)
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    Hey new Memeber from Santa Maria,CA

    What made you go for ukdm stuff? You guys get the best interior usually, ha.
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    ThE bArJo from France !

    Welcome :)
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    Hi from Germany

    Looks nice mate, not usually a fan of all black but that's nice :)
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    West mid's newbie.

    Many people venture up to birmingham at the weekend to watch to crazies?
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    turbo b16b

    What you got up for grabs wishy?
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    West mid's newbie.

    I'm in Cannock mate, you round here too? I've always been a sucker for the EG too but they're getting on now, the EG needs new rear arches. Had to roll them to fit the SW96's and the TE37s due to having an MB6 rear track. The EK/EJ just seems so much more solid and well built! Which...
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    D16 forged turbo engine, stage 4 clutch,gearbox

    Cheers bud, just sent you a message :)
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    D16 forged turbo engine, stage 4 clutch,gearbox

    Could you PM me your number please bud? I can't reply to the one you've sent me, I've only got a few posts to my name so far.
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    West mid's newbie.

    Hi folks, I've been a lurker for a while and thought I'd register. I currently drive an EG with a C4 and an S80 but have a low milage (32k) facelift EJ9 sport that I'm modding. So far the EJ9 has mister r's, rear LCAs, EK9 grille, some rear tints and jordan alloys as the steelies were...
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    D16 forged turbo engine, stage 4 clutch,gearbox

    Have you actually had this engine running for 800miles or was that the previous owner? If it was you, did it break in nicely and did you drop the oil regularly? I'm only in cannock and looking for a Y8 to turbo so yours is looking ideal but I'd want to use it N/A for a while until I get myself...