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    R.i.p Ek4

    Some of yall might remember me from my old EJ6 build up thread. and when I was waiting for my EK4 to come in. Its been ALMOST A YEAR! sinc I got my ek4. but 12 A:M of 7/17/08 I remember driving to my friend house, going 50 in a 55 mph zone. and I saw two headlights on my left side...
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    Need rewiring help!

    So I notice that my corners on my 97 civic SiR doesnt stay on. It only turns on when I'm signaling. Which wire can I tap into to make the corner lights stay on my headlights, but yet still blinks when I signal? Any help would be great! :D. My USDM EJ6 corners always stayed on. I guess JDM...
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    Finally got my Ek4 - Pictures

    So I waited 2 months and 4 days then finally I got to pick up my car. So it was a 3 hour drive back to my house. When I got the car, it was BONE STOCK! Stock height was :mad:. So right when I got home I slap on my Tein SS coilovers. Installed my tow hooks, Password JDM c/d Intake, throw on some...
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    JDM Parking Pole

    Does anyone know how to install it? I try looking for a thread how to install it. Any info whould help!!! and pictures :clap::nice:
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    Buddy Club Spec II

    I was thinking about getting this for my ek4. But Im assuming that jhpusa sell it for ej6 with the soch motors. Is the b16a2 and the d16 whatever headers.exhaust length the samn? I guess if anything I get it welded But ne ways does anyone ever had experience with this buddy club spec II...
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    My EJ6 Build from Austin, Texas!! NO 56k!!

    I pick up my first hatchback when I was 17 last year. This is how it look like when I first got it. After a month, some chick brake checks me at a GREEN LIGHT! WHAT A @(#*!!!!! So after me freaken out for my first car accident and thought my car was total, I decied to fix it up...
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    wtb 99-00 ctr front end ect.

    Like the title says I want to buy 99-00 ctr front end maybe with a backyard speical front bumper 99-00 ctr taillights The interior too Carpet/floormats/recaros/steering wheel/climate control/cluster I dont need the back seat. and ctr full suspension if anyone have it laying...
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    5 lug?

    Im getting 5 lug conversion soon for my EK4. And once i get it install, I want to order coiloveres for my car but should it be for a integra or a honda civic hatchback? The 5 lug is coming off of a integra. any help will be really helpful//:thanks:
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    Hello, Im from Texas :woot:

    Hello Im new to this website as you can see the 0 post =,(. Hoping I can learn alot about the ek9 on this website. My love for the ek9's is whOoaaa. But as yall know its hard to get one over here in the US. Heres some pictures of my last to EJ6's. The first one was b18c1 powered and the...