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    Corbeau Pro Race Bucket Seat

    For Sale: Corbeau Pro Race Seat Location: Walsall, West Midlands Description: Dark blue fixed bucket seat with detatchable chushions. Condition: 7/10 looks to be an older style seat, the shell and fabric are both in perfecr working order with slight wear. Price: £90 + £15 delivery + paypal fees...
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    Back in a Honda

    Alright Guys, Ever since selling the Ek9 I wanted to be back in a Honda so after selling my S3 I have decided to go back to my roots for the new daily. I had one back 9 years ago when I was a wee 20 year old. I still have the Evo which I hardly use but cannot justify selling it as I know it is...
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    Audi S3 8L 1.8t Imola Yellow

    Hi, For sale is my 2001 (51) Imola Yellow Audi S3 with all black leather interior and gunmetal grey wheels. I have owned the car for the 3+ years. Currently sitting just under 146 000 miles, will increase as daily use. MOT – November 17th 2017 Tax – Buyer to arrange own as per current law...
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    Snowdonia Charity Challenge

    Hi All, I hope you are all well. Myself and three work colleagues at Twente Express (Day Job) have signed up for the 2017 Snowdonia Charity Challenge which takes place on June 10th. The challenge...
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    MidDevelopments Brembo Brake Setup

    Hi All, We are in the middle of designing a new brake setup for a couple of cars with different options all of which can use OEM Honda discs. 1st - Ek, Eg, Dc - 282x25mm discs with 4 piston Brembo calipers with 4x40mm pistons. Discs can be 5x114.3/4x114.3/4x100 (using mg discs) 2nd - Ek, Eg...
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    Few pictures of the turbo back system we did on an EG

    Hi All, I would just like to share with you some pictures of the recent exhaust system we made for a customer. Car is a Honda Civic EG. B18c4 block, B16 head, Turbocharged. The system consisted of: 2.5'' Downpipe 2.5'' Downpipe back with one silencer 3'' Turned down tail pipe 1.75'' Screamer...
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    Ek9 parts - Centre Caps, Brake Lines, Foot Rest

    Hi All, Reputation: For sale: Ek9 centre caps Location: Walsall, West Mids Description: White centre caps with red H to fit original ek9 wheels, possibly fit others Condition: They have seen better days and could do with a fresh repaint and...
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    MidDevelopments D16y8 Turbo Build.

    Hi Guys, I hope you are all doing well. I haven't posted on here in quite a while and thought it was the right time to start a new thread whilst we do the shell swap and upgrades to our Civic. We originally built the car over the back end of 2013 ready for 2014. Started its life as a 1.5lsi in...
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    Hi guys, Not sure if many of you remember me but i sold my 9 about a year ago to a member on here. Once i sold the 9 i already knew which car i was going to buy due to wanting pne for a long while, an evo 5 in scotia white. Took me a long time to put the 9 up for sale as over time i...
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    Midnight Developments

    Hi All, A few of you may know me from a few of my posts/threads. Well me and a couple of friends have got together and have got hold of a decent unit situated in the Midlands and have decided to open our own place. We will be offering lots of services to car enthusiasts but especially Honda...
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    Non ABS prop valve

    Hi All, For Sale: Non ABS prop valve description: Proportion valve to run your civic without ABS, great condition Location: Walsall, West Midlands Pictures: To Come Reputation: Price: £30 delivered Thanks Ben
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    Drivers side door and passenger arch liner

    Hi all, Need a drivers side door in CW And A passenger side arch liner ASAP Thanks Ben
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    TheBooosh...!'s '99 CW EK9

    OuFor Sale: 1999 CW Ek9 - S472 XDP Location: Walsall, West Midlands Price: £5800 No offers Hi All, Time has come for me to sell my beloved EK9. I have owned XDP for the last 4 years and had nothing but absolute fun with it. It’s been a dream to drive, own and maintain. The car has always...
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    oem exhaust, 421 manifold, wiseco High comp pistons, skunk2, Rc370cc

    Hi all, Selling all the parts that wont be any use to me anymore as i am sadly selling the 9 :( For sale: Skunk2 fuel rail Description: high flowing fuel rail in used condition with around 2,000miles, bought from Stevenek9 but have never fitted to my car Location: Walsall, West Midlands Price...
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    The ek9 today

    Hi all, Was getting shots of my brothers S3 today ready to be put up for sale and thought it would be wrong not to get some of the 9 while we were out :) But as you would guess its started raining as we took pics of it :( Heres a few: C&C welcome Thanks
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    Engine workshop/builders/machinists

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows or has had experience with a top quality engine shop. Friend needs some work doing: Overbore & honing Ported & gasflowed head Skimming of head Skimming of block if need be Micro polishing & balancing of the crank Work has to be top quality...
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    Roll cage fabrication/welding

    Hi all, Have been looking into getting a cage put in the 9 but have been trying to decide whats best. Ive got a friend who fabricates and fits cages but hes swamped with uni work at the minute so just hasnt got the time. So Been speaking to a couple of people and custom cages seems to...
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    Ek9 exhaust, calipers, b18c valvetrain, pistons, rods, inlet manifold, TB, flywheel

    Hi all, By the end of April i will have the following for sale-: Reputation - thebooosh...! Location - walsall, west midlands Payment - paypal/cash on collection Description - as per item Price - as per item exc delivery Photos - will upload these as soon as i start to remove parts around 15th...
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    Cam advice/opinion for high comp b18c

    Hi all, Just after a bot of advice/opinions on the "best" cams for my friends build Hes got a b18c with wiseco 81.5mm pistons, carrilo rods, ported and gasflowed head, skunk2 inlet manifold, rmf exhaust manifold, and few extras He just wants other peoples views on what cam setup to use...
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    EJ9 with b16a2 conversion

    Hi all, My brothers car is now up for sale Honda : Civic Ej9 with B16a2 conversion Thanks Ben