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  1. chrismc_DC2

    EK9/DC2 cat

    For use on my UK DC2- to go with my JDM manifold & B-pipe. Must be fully working & in good condition Cheers Chris
  2. chrismc_DC2

    Red Recaro bolster covers WARNING ⚠️

    Gents, Look after your side bolster covers! I recently bought a replacement 'red' bolster cover for my car from Capital Seating & the colour match was as above. Capital state that the covers are shaded to allow for 'fading', but I've personally never seen ITR/EK9 Recaros go 'Pink'. I can't...
  3. chrismc_DC2

    JDM DC2/EK9 OEM Cat

    Wanted complete in good condition with heatshields/studs etc & sensibly priced. Looking to upgrade my restrictive UKDM DC2 mani/Cat to better JDM bits Cheers Chris
  4. chrismc_DC2

    DC2 UKDM 15'' wheels

    Just a cheap set so I can get mine refurbed (5 stud UK fitment) Pls PM if you have any kicking about Chris
  5. chrismc_DC2

    Red bolster covers- Capital seating

    Has anyone bought these replacement red covers for your side bolsters? I have a bolster cover that is tired but don't want a capital seating jobber if it isn't a match for OEM. Can anyone advise or show pics? Chris
  6. chrismc_DC2

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    Thought I'd post up to say hello again. Used to float about ~8years back when I had my first Milano DC2. I sold it after my missus fell pregnant & ended up in an ATR. Lovely car- however I always yearned for another Teg Through a random contact I was put in contact with the guy I bought my MR...
  7. chrismc_DC2

    Top condition drivers Red Recaro wtd

    Hi guys I'm after a mint/near mint drivers red Recaro for my DC2 Cash waiting for the right seat! Please message me here or mail me on [email protected] Regards Chris
  8. chrismc_DC2

    x2 OEM Bridgestone RE010 195/55/15 tyres

    New or part worn......Dont want to get 4 Hankooks if I can get away with finding a pair of RE010's as my rears are still in good shape... Required delivered to Oxford please... If anyone has any spare sat around or on a set of wheels you no longer use then please let me know! Cheers...
  9. chrismc_DC2

    eCtune into my UKDM DC2

    Looks like its all systems go for my remap...:) I should be acquiring a secondhand ECU complete with eCtune software & conversion harness at the end of the month... The ECU has already been mapped for a mildly modded ITR, & Romain @ Artech-Tuning will undertake the adjustments & dyno-tune...
  10. chrismc_DC2

    EK9/DC2 2.5" Adjustable length DECAT PIPE

    JDM 2.5" B-series Adjustable length Decat pipe Stainless steel & adjustable length to allow for any system variations Varies from JDM to UKDM length no problem. Suitable for any 2.5" collector manifold & system Only 1 week old!!!, I bought it from Funkypower to allow fitment of my...
  11. chrismc_DC2

    JASMA Part # Mugen B-pipe HELP!

    Can anyone help identify my B-pipe from the Numbers stamped on it? On the JASMA plate it has 002 in Big numbers, & then the part # appears to be 96-000289. I tried to fit this to my DC2 yesterday but found it is 6" too short.... Have got an adjustable 2.5" decat on the way to solve the...
  12. chrismc_DC2

    DC2 Mugen Twinloop

    If anyone knows of any available secondhand, please let me know... I have up to £400 delivered available for a secondhand system in good condition:nice: Cheers, Chris
  13. chrismc_DC2

    Cat vs Hiflow vs Decat

    Just after all your opinions on the various options with Cats & how each performs in your experience.....before/after etc etc & also differences in exhaust noise with each setup?:nice: My DC2 has a hi-flow at the moment though i can honestly say i didnt feel alot of difference when it was...
  14. chrismc_DC2

    Loose Spark plugs...common B-series problem?

    Im wondering if spark plugs working loose is a common fault on B-series motors? My car developed a very metallic tapping noise yesterday that got me worried. Being it has over 140k miles on it I immediately suspected it could be a slight small end tap....:nono: Quick search on itr-dc2...
  15. chrismc_DC2

    Been to visit Artech-Tuning!

    I took a drive down to Artech in Guildford on Friday to have a chat about a Remap on my DC2..... Met Romain who was very pleasant & took the time to stop what he was doing & sit down/talk through my options over a cuppa..most impressed. Im pretty set on a eCtune remap now. Its ideal for my...
  16. chrismc_DC2

    Skoda Fabia VrS impressions

    I work with a guy who is currently detached to the Middle East & I am looking after his car whilst he is away. I drove it for the first time last night, so thought I would write down a few thoughts... I have only been in one once before (Olly_RK9's uncles) & was very impressed with its...
  17. chrismc_DC2

    Bbc f1 2009

    Less than a month until the first GP back on the BBC now...Can't wait! Best of all, "The Chain" has supposedly been confirmed as the theme tune same as the days of old:clap:
  18. chrismc_DC2

    x2 EK9's spotted Thursday 12th Feb. Oxfordshire.

    1st was on the road from Wantage/Grove towards the A420. White 2000 (X) VERY clean & sounded sweet. Around 8am time... I gave a thumbs up from girlies Clio:shocked: 2nd was on the Oxford ring road near the Kassam Stadium, heading up to the A34 about 8.15.... I was shocked to see two...
  19. chrismc_DC2

    UKDM ITR DC2 milano red

    Here are a couple of pics of my car...pre & post suspension upgrade.. Current spec is Mugen CAI, OEM JDM 98spec 4-1, Hi-flow Cat, Spoon "Street" system, Tein Superstreet coilovers, AP Dixcel FCR brakes...:nice:
  20. chrismc_DC2

    UK ITR DC2 owner

    Hello all! I'm Chris/Macca, & thought id sign up after a recommend from Olly_EK9 I own a lightly tweaked UKDM DC2 Integra R in delightful milano pink:D Hope you don't mind a Teg owner gatecrashing, but i guess the EK9 & DC2 type R's are blood brothers! will post up a pic or two when...