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  1. jugbugz

    Spoon 11,000rpm EK9 Cluster or MUGEN 240km cluster.

    I need one please. :D
  2. jugbugz

    Hitler vs Civic

    LMFAO!!! This guy is a genuis!!!! YouTube - Hitler Loses to a Civic
  3. jugbugz

    Lambo vs EF civic

    YouTube - Lambo vs Honda CRX
  4. jugbugz

    Tuning does wonders

    Ok, before I start, dynos in Australia read much lower than those in the rest of the world. Dynos purpose is to show the 'Before and After' results. I've decided to give the B16B a final run before I k20 the EK9. So therefore, I had a new PFC lying around that I havent sold yet and decided to...
  5. jugbugz

    Vtec in Reverse? Funny ****!

    YouTube - Can You Hit Vtec In Reverse? Watch!! I wonder what it feels like? LMAO!
  6. jugbugz

    Interesting stuff!

    Lego V8 A worker goes insane after boss telling him his work is no good. YouTube - Worst Office Freak Out Ever renaults F1 20,000rpm engine YouTube - Renault's 2.4L V8 @ 20,000 RPMs
  7. jugbugz

    This is what valve float looks like

    Valve Springs are very crucial on any builds
  8. jugbugz

    Mugen Civic RR for sale :O

    I can't believe 1 of the 300 Beasts is for sale!!! $100,000! In New Zealand Honda CIVIC MUGEN RR 2008 for sale - - New Zealand
  9. jugbugz

    A few things for sale

    Hi guys, check out the thread PM if interested in any items Thanks.
  10. jugbugz

    My New TODA ver2!!! vs old 5zigen

    I've just swapped over to TODA from 5zigen. They both sure look different! the primary and secondary pipes are sure bigger on the TODA. Both have 2.5" collector yet the TODA collector is quite long in length. Result is very good! TODA seems to work better with my SPOON ECU. I dont get much...
  11. jugbugz

    SR16VE N1 8 injectors?

    Can someone explain how does this engine have 8x 330cc injectors? And why?
  12. jugbugz

    Skunk2 High Compression Valves

    Are there any cons on having flat valves? Also are these direct bolt on to the typeR engines? B16a and 16B has different valve seat angles. I think they were 60 vs 45degrees. Skunk just lists them for b16 and b18 engines.
  13. jugbugz

    My Okuyama CARBING Brace kit for EK9 - Impressions

    Ok guys... When I swapped out my TEIN Monoflex for TEIN SS + EDFC, the stock front Strut bar could not be used as it would interfere with space. I was looking around for braces and was deciding between SPOON and CARBING. By this time I also decided to go for Front and Rear struts as I didn't...
  14. jugbugz

    My Comptech SRI + ICE BOX intake installation

    PART 1 Ok, My final intake is here. My DIY Installation instructions should help those who have bought 2nd hand items since these are no longer in production. Although to this date, there are still a handful of NEW items left. In short, the reason I chose this intake was for its...
  15. jugbugz

    Titanium Nitrate coating for headers

    :welcome: Man, its expensive but I've never seen any other header as colorful as this!!!
  16. jugbugz

    Fuel injectors Q

    Hi guys, I'll be running skunk Pro1 cams on my B16B. Looking at 210bhp as a street driven car. I need some indepth info about injectors such as type and sizing. I had my sights set on RC injectors but realised that the spray pattern is stream type instead of the stock cone type spray...
  17. jugbugz

    Trader value request

    It would be good to have a traders valuation as well with all the upgrade going on. That way ppl will have more sense of trust in trading. :D
  18. jugbugz

    Wtf was this guy trying to do???!!!

    YouTube - Near Miss
  19. jugbugz

    21,000kms DC2R Turbo... Amazing!!!!!!

    This car redefines 'only one in the world' Simply Amazing!!!!! From Australia :) Read about it here;:nice: Factory Fresh Type-R - Acura, Integra - - Your Online Automotive Magazine
  20. jugbugz

    What the??

    What is that IM? Engine Name Mugen F204B (2.0 liter, Inline 4) Engine Type H22A Displacement 1997cc (FIA Regulation) Bore & Stroke 85mmx88mm Maximum HP 216HP @ 5950rpm (26mm restrictor) Maximum TQ 198lb/ft @ 5350rpm (26mm restrictor) Engine Management PGM-FI (Programmable...