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  1. driftervin

    my tread

    dont really sell much on here, but i can assure you what i do sell is genuine.
  2. driftervin

    apexi neo

    Item for sale: Reputation: Price: 150euro Paypal?:ye Location: dublin Condition: perfect Description: it is what it is. Pictures:
  3. driftervin

    dc2 gone hello ep3

    Standard apart fromevo 8 wheels back box, rear vented discs and a **** induction kit..but ive got my ideas..
  4. driftervin

    any gains from polishing ports b18

    as they are done from standard is there any gains to be had from it to do it again?? ill prob have the head off this week and ive a friend that can do it for me..
  5. driftervin

    valve seals?

    first off its a fresh built engine but its usin oil..heres wat its doing.. if i rev the car up to red line its ok, bita black, revs come down drop to idle and then a puff of blue?? also on hard exceleration high revs bita thinking a seal isnt set right or something..
  6. driftervin

    sparks from exhaust on deceleration

    was flat out tonight in my dc2 with my mate in his ep3 behind me..and i was flat in 5th hit the jdm limiter and when i got off the power it was like a firework was up my exhaust trowing sparks/sparkels any idea what would cause this..he said it wasnt a flame but loads of sparkes flying from it??
  7. driftervin

    how to change thermostat

    Ive noticed alot of people asking how to change or is it a big job to change here is my view on it.... First make sure engine is cool. you dont want to burn yourself on hot coolent. now drain the coolent from the system from the bottom of the rad you will see a small bung..i...
  8. driftervin

    what i wana get done

  9. driftervin

    apexi fc vs neo

    how much more gains from the fc to the neo after a map?
  10. driftervin

    anybody wana swap

    ive a carbon js slug but i need the abs model or a aem or watever fits..anybody in ireland wana swap
  11. driftervin

    built not bought

    i bought this as a bare shell a few months ago but no with alot of money and tears it looks like this now..still loads more to do..not nearly finished. i was going k20 with it but a very freshly well built b18 came up so i went with that. day 1 engine going in
  12. driftervin

    run with out intake

    will the engine run with no induction kit or arm on the inlet? should it still rev up?
  13. driftervin

    first fire up

    first turn on the new engine..about time.. Vin dc2 - YouTube
  14. driftervin

    pic i found

    was googling images of dc2 and ek9 and found a pic of me in germany..this garage is just up the round from the ring..getting juiced up before a few laps.
  15. driftervin

    b series crank pulley?

    Are all b series crank pullys the same?
  16. driftervin

    ohlins question

    Can you use any spring with a shock ie ohlins shocks or does a ohlin spring have to be used with it?
  17. driftervin

    hidden camera

    ITR hidden camera - YouTube
  18. driftervin

    ek9 loom

    will a ek9 loom fit a dc2?
  19. driftervin

    all b series mani the same?

    Does a 4 branch off sir fit type r? Are they all the smae??
  20. driftervin

    s4c ek4 jdm box in teg r

    will this work? i need a box and a lad has one from a jdm ek4 with lsd,, what do yous think? its for my dc2r