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  1. SpoonCTR

    Stroked B16B needs a bigger radiator?

    Lads, I'm stroking my B16B right now, I want to know if I will need a bigger radiator? or maybe a mishimoto aluminum one? Thanks! :dance:
  2. SpoonCTR

    Stupid dog!

    This video is so funny, btw hope the dog wasn't injured that much :nono: YouTube - Dog jumps from car window www.JJ.AM :lol:
  3. SpoonCTR

    1999 TODA EK9 Honda Civic Type R

    Beautiful car, nice after market parts, hope you like it. Toda tuned B16B - 1800 cc motor Flywheel kit. ATS 5 speed crossing missions. Spoon LSD spoon muffler Low position sheet rail CULAX Six-point type roll bar
  4. SpoonCTR

    Toda ITBs ?

    Maybe you can help me out with these, whats the benefits in installing this? I saw a honda with itb s and the owner said that they had a "carburator" or something like that, since I'm new to this maybe you can all help me out and explain me how this will benefits my engine, I only use my car...
  5. SpoonCTR

    EK9 Civic Rear Bumper Bar

    I always wonder, whats the benefits of having this bar? less chassis roll ? body rigidity ? I drove a EK4 today, and the difference was very noticeable the handling is very different compared to the EK9. What do you think of this oem bar? :woot:
  6. SpoonCTR

    N1-1600 civic EK9 2007/06/10 Qualifying AUTOPOLIS

    I love this track! check out the video! :woot: MQ1vnMfY7Ec
  7. SpoonCTR

    Mugen rear strut bar

    Check out how it looks installed! I took this photos from my friend's car :)
  8. SpoonCTR

    Mugen Exhaust Installed photos

    A friend of mine installed this exhaust, it was very easy. Ground clearance is perfect with this exhaust! OEM Honda EK9 Civic Type R header weight: 28.66 pounds Mugen Header weight: 15.87 pounds :) photos:
  9. SpoonCTR

    2005 RE Amemiya RX7 GT 300 In Air Tunnel

    :wow: :wow: :wow: :bow:
  10. SpoonCTR

    Lug nuts size for the EK9 Civic Type R?

    I'm planning on buying some buddy club or rays lug nuts for my ek9, anyone knows what size I should buy ? Thanks :nice:
  11. SpoonCTR

    A Civic Type-R day at Bruntingthorpe

  12. SpoonCTR

    Honda B18C - B16B Cylinder Head Part List

    Check out this image to see all the parts list of this engine's cylinder head. Also here you can see what parts are compatible between engines :woot:
  13. SpoonCTR

    Japanese Tuners

    Let's add every japanese tuner we know and write a history and some photos and videos of their cars, i'll start with Spoon Sports. Please only post if you're going to post some information about a japanese tuner! thanks! Spoon Sports Co., Ltd. Japanese company formed in 1988. Spoon Sports is...
  14. SpoonCTR

    RE Amemiya RX7

    I love this car! I want to buy a RX7 for daily drive, what do you guys think of this car?
  15. SpoonCTR

    Fifth Gear - Ferrari Enzo vs McLaren F1

    Check out the prices of the service, the Mclaren F1 LM is just incredible, :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: nkfvQvc9ipI I want one :(
  16. SpoonCTR

    JDM Civic EK9 Type R CTR B16B N1 Crank Pulley

    I want to install this on my car, with a fidanza flywheel. :nerv: I currently have no a/c but i have power steering, how is the driving with no p/s ? :shocked: I'm curious to know if my engine will still be safe to run at the race track? Thanks for your help. Photos...
  17. SpoonCTR

    EK9 Honda Civic TypeR Amateur Race At Suzuka circuit

    Great driving, check it out! :shocked: FvqAbh-zMS0
  18. SpoonCTR

    Yellow EK9 with roll cage

    Beatiful car! i love it! :nice:
  19. SpoonCTR

    Spoon DC2 Integra Type R *photos*

    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
  20. SpoonCTR

    Spoon Calipers

    Anyone had experienced with a set of this? A friend of mine has one set installed. He told me that with this calipers, the car became faster in the track, since the late braking help him shave off some time. I didn't know that this kit also benefits of a weight reduction, reduced...