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  1. EkPanda

    Japanese Alloys, but what brand?

    I'm about to obtain a decent set of light weight alloys, They've been made in japan and i was told they are volks, but im not sure. Does anyone know what brand they are?
  2. EkPanda

    Engine management light after installing stainless manifold

    Hey people, im pretty new to this so not sure if im posting in the correct place. Ive searched for a while trying to find a thread already on this subject but i cannot find anything specific. I recently installed a 4-2-1 manifold on my little D14 Engine as my old manifold cracked at the...
  3. EkPanda

    Hello from leicester! :)

    Hey people, Im luco from leicester kinda new to the game, very interested in honda's i do not own one yet but looking into an EJ9 or Ek4! :)