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  1. leeK9

    "Uncle Mike" K.I.T.T. Impression

    Brilliant Micheal
  2. leeK9

    JUN ek4 SiR

    still got it then, very cool machine....
  3. leeK9

    Car history check

    forget about checking in the south, theres no way to check them other than a history check, it should show mileage i think but its not common practice to do on older cars. old NCT certs would give you an indication but overall condition is what i would go by.
  4. leeK9

    Forza 4-EK9 CUP-INFO ONLY

    5 and 6 have been a serious let down, forza 7 is good but its filled with bugs that don't seem to be getting worked on. Turn10 are too busy churning out the next horizon game. seems the norm now for games to come out half finished and then plague the users with updates.
  5. leeK9

    Car history check

    you cant check an NI car on the MOT site, you can ring up and ask them to confirm mileages and they will tell you if there are any discrepancies, but any good check will list these also. i also found the autotrader hack last year and its grand for doing a quick wee check.
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    Forza 4-EK9 CUP-INFO ONLY

    Season 2 anyone? :drive:
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    Wheels for sale

  8. leeK9

    Faulty ek9 shell from breaker on here.

    he's right though....most EK9 in ireland are heaps these days.... 3 or 4 years back when they where changing hands for 3-4k they got into the hands of hillmen that drove them into the ground... The gimps then sold them just before they blew up and rusted in half and bought diesel A4/passat...
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    B18C-R Died While Driving/Won't Start

    dizzy dizzy dizzy......
  10. leeK9

    M2 motorsport toda replica muffler

    did you buy one of these in the end? wanting a new system for my SiR2 and not worth shelling out for a J's 60RS as the car is rarely driven....
  11. leeK9


    you sure this is fitted to an EK9 front cut? didnt think this was an option for the type R. have this in my SiR2 EK4, its useless outside japan and doesnt work, its only good for displaying the heater settings and fan speeds/venting outlets.
  12. leeK9

    Recaro Profi SPG Kevlar (black)

    Have a whole heap of PMs in my inbox about this but not really too interested in selling anymore, Fitted this into my skyline and quite happy with it. I may swap it for parts that would fit an R32 GTR though lol
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    Recaro Profi SPG Kevlar (black)

    hey guys seat is still here....make me an offer
  14. leeK9

    Bride, Recaro SPG OR pole position ASAP
  15. leeK9

    My BNR32 skyline

    thanks guys....cant wait to get the wheels fitted myself also
  16. leeK9

    My BNR32 skyline

    thanks guys the mats are in real good shape cosidering their age...they just need a good clean....there a big lump off fluff under the clutch due to me having to walk past the drier in the garage before i get into the car lol. but ive been looking at getting a set of checkered mats to keep the...
  17. leeK9

    Recaro Profi SPG Kevlar (black)

    price reduced to £400
  18. leeK9

    My BNR32 skyline

    cheers brah, long time no speak, hope your doing good. :)
  19. leeK9

    My BNR32 skyline

    thanks folks.... pretty happy with the car so will just be maintaining it and picking up small parts here and there.
  20. leeK9

    My BNR32 skyline

    thanks bros few more pics here, just taken with a gopro on a good sunny day last year some time.