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    Rear Upper Strut Brace

    As title. Rear strut brace wanted for EK hatch Im after something that matches my build and will stand out while also being subtle over the flat rear floor I have ready to go in

    WANTED - ECU plastic clips

    Does anyone have the clips/plugs/screws that go into the ecu cover panel and the same panel on driver side? Seem to be only interior pieces I am missing


    Are/will any events be planned for 2020 as a meet, or even a stand?

    Stereo issues

    So I have wired my stereo in using the same wire connections as the one that came out. Trouble is A) no sound B) HU turns off when main lights turned on It's fine on no lights and side lights it dims HU illumination but with main lights turnt on HU turns off. Cant get audio at all even with...

    Arm Rest Pocket

    Does anyone know what that little pocket in the top of the inside of the arm rest is for? Photo below

    Ek9 spoiler base paint colour

    Anykne know the paint colour code for the black ek9 spoiler base?

    Strut Brace Help

    Does anyone know the name, or part number, or where to buy the little studs that your front strut brace bolts onto? The ones that come out the front strut towers. I'm missing one and would like to replace with proper article rather than a bolt

    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    So I have come to own Jordan 258 after purchasing from Keith who previously owned it for around 8 years. My previous Jordan 260 had an accident with a bush and I had to sell it on, but it always had a place in my heart. So when I saw Keith selling his I had to snap it up given the spec, which is...

    B18C4 vs B16A Radiator hose

    So I am aware the radiator hose for the above two engines is the only difference between the two hose kits. Is it possible to modify the B16A kit to fit a B18C4? One assumes you just need to chop about 2 inches off radiator end of the B16A hose to get it to fit on a B18C4? Any help would be...

    Yellow honda badge

    Anyone got one, or know of somewhere I can get one of the above as seen in this link?[1]-26097-p.jpg

    LCA issue

    I tried fitting my skunk 2 rear lcas today and while removing the bolts from the stock lcas the head snapped off on the one connecting LCA to hub. The bolt hasn't barely moved so its obviously seized, I put a load of plusgas on it before attempting to remove it too. Anyone got any ideas for...

    d16z6 turbo

    So I'm a complete turbo noon but I want to boost my d16z6. I'm after some advice and recommendations. I've done some reading and found many people use vitara pistons and eagle cams. Considering I'm not looking to go much above 200bhp is that really needed? I've sourced a brake upgrade and...

    del sol exhaust?

    What exhaust systems both back box and b pipe fit on a del sol? I presume it's any eg or ek backbox? Cheers


    Anybody know of any good spray shops around East Anglia area? Specifically around Bedfordshire. Im after getting the Jordan resprayed and I want a proper job doing, not a spray that will show defects within a few years. I am willing to travel for it but only if I know its going to be worthwhile.

    Fuel Cut Off?

    For civic ek with b16a2 is there a fuel cut off switch as standard? If so where can I find it/them? And how do I set it to allow fuel through? I think mine may have flicked to stop flow during a recent accident as I cannot get any fuel pressure

    EK Exhaust

    After an exhaust to fit EK hatch. Nothing above 2.5" as im still running N/A. After a catback too preferably. nothing too loud, need to be quite if around town, spoon n1 noise at most if possible as im fed up for the noise from my buddyclub spec 2 which I can also part ex if someone wants to, if...

    Are these compatiable?

    due to needing a new flywheel I've had a quick search around for some and found this which is made as a single lump rather than shrunk onto the starter ring gear thus avoiding the problem causing me to change the flywheel anyway...

    starter motor

    I'm in need of replacing my starter motor. simply where is it? Like specifically. is it an easy job to do yourself? I guess its just undo bolts and bolt new one in? EDIT: forgot to say its on a B16A2

    rocker cover gasket

    Looking to swap my gasket. Is it a simple unbolt the rocker cover pull it off swap gasket put back on job? Or do I need to do something else to stop internals moving? And os there a torque for the bolts or just 'tight'? Any help would be great

    Urgent help required

    Simple question What size lug nuts are needed for an EK4 and what torque do I tighten then to?