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  1. irf

    Rust repair

    Post up pictures of the rust and location.
  2. irf

    Spoon Ek9 Cluster for sale

    I'll keep mine for little longer :))
  3. irf

    y56 ek9

    Inboxed you.
  4. irf

    Ek4 F1 édition

  5. irf

    JDM Quartet. Y56 EK9, B18C EG6 SiR2, K20 96 DC2, Red 96 DC2

    Nice one mate, I was bidding on that aswell but tapped out when it exceeded 8k. Hope the risk pays off, keep us updated.
  6. irf

    Rear brake calipers for ek9 2000

    Messaged you.
  7. irf

    Starter motor for b18c6 please

    Messaged you
  8. irf

    wanted ek9 red interior

    Sorry for delay, private message me mate.
  9. irf

    wanted ek9 red interior

    Got red floor carpet here
  10. irf

    5 lug conversion

    Ukdm dc2 and ek9 are the same..
  11. irf

    EK9 sold Japanese auction £57,000 WOW

    Only the very best examples in UK will steadily increase in value. No one here will pay big money though. .. global markets will most likely carry on buying from Japan rather than ones that have been exposed to our salty roads.
  12. irf

    1999 Championship White EK9

  13. irf

    My EK9.... take 2

    I used 2k paint that was left over from body shop. But you can buy those touch up kits in champ white on eBay for under a tenner. Will work fine. Just keep area dry overnight
  14. irf

    My EK9.... take 2

    No more leaks sorted ;-)
  15. irf

    My EK9.... take 2

    Paint set perfectly Dan. I had some left over in a tin so used a small brush and went over it all, sticks perfectly. Finish is like OEM now, you wouldn't know its been done. I'm glad I used grey because you can actually see where you needed to paint lol
  16. irf

    My EK9.... take 2

    Bought some Sikaflex 527AT. Nearest supplier only had grey, pretty easy to work with and smooth out. Left overnight and brushed on some white paint. Hopefully no more leaks. Done this job before on few hondas and always used tiger seal, this stuff is more elastic much better suited to the job...
  17. irf

    New member greetings from Japan

    Konichiwa Takumi san !
  18. irf

    Any og's still on here?

    Yeah, Wont be long before it's back to its former self Pete, @rhys_EK9 has got few plans ;-)
  19. irf

    Civic TypeR EK9 Restoration from Bangkok

    Most likely a spare set of hubs to roll on while 5 studs get refurbed? Maybe using a ek4 as a donor car, as he's using ek4 bootlid etc...
  20. irf

    Repair panels/parts

    Take it to a classic car resto shop. Pretty sure that can be sorted in situ. Only way this could of been prevented is to use cavity wax on inner box sections etc. Has car been ran without arch liners ?