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  1. X-tec

    '96/'98 OEM EK9 Front/Rear lip

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for the '96/'98 PRE-facelift OEM EK9 front and rear lip. If possible with the bumpers and grill All needs to be OEM parts and not cracked/broken. I life in the Netherlands so everything needs to be shipped! Kind regards, Ben
  2. X-tec

    EM1 Civic Wheels

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of EM1 Coupe Vti/Si wheels. How is willing to sell them and ship them to the Netherlands? Don't need tires, do want the center caps. Please Help!
  3. X-tec

    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    Hi people, I can get a set of Mugen strutbars for my Ek but I don't know if they're the real deal. Looks real if you compare the welds but the Mugen logo's are different from all the other's I can find on the net.. Can some of you confirm if they're real?
  4. X-tec

    X-tec from the Netherlands with a EL3 AWD Honda Orthia from Japan.

    Hi, my name is Ben and im from the Netherlands. I have a large Honda car history all the way back from 2002. Here is my list of cars: CRX ED9 EDM CIVIC EK3 EDM-build to EK4/9 Spec LOGO GA3 EDM CIVIC EJ9 EDM INTEGRA DC1 JDM-1.7l carb automatic CIVIC EM1 UKDM SHUTTLE EF2 EDM CIVIC EJ9 EDM-still...
  5. X-tec

    EK Ferio VI-RS?

    Hi I am from Holland and im looking for a FACE-LIFT Ferio VI-RS. I know there a some of these cars in the UK and Ireland, but is there someone thats willing to sell there car?