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    CW ek9 - A127 towards Southend

    Saw this earlier today heading towards Southend, was by merc garage at progress road.. The car was loud! Lol
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    Dc2 silicon rad hoses

    Blue samco ideally please, will condider others though Cheers
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    Bucket seat and gauges

    Looking for a bucket seat, no rail needed. Buddy spg etc all considered Also looking for water temp and oil temp gauges, SPA would be preferable, bug if you wanna sell some defi's for cheap then that's all good lol Cheers
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    Dc2 > Ek9

    Currenty have a 96 Spec Dc2 and thought someone on here might fancy a change and be interested in a swap with their ek9 :naughty: Is a nicely Specced car so would be looking for similar. Fancy a change so thought a ek9 might be a nice trade. Am a regular poster in, but...
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    Dc2 > ek9

    Alrite lads I'm thinking that I would like to scratch the itch of having an ek9 so thought I'd see if anyone was interested in trying out a dc2 instead lol Genuine interest and am a member on itr-dc2 etc.. Anyway if someone is interested say so as can supply pics n spec etc Cheers Ton
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    Southend - weds 5th August

    Ford night on tomorrow night. Should be busy if the weathers nice I'm going down in me dc2 with couple skylines.. would be good to see some 9's there.. :nice: