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    Back after 10 years

    Yeah, that silver is rad.
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    Fantasy Football 9q95al

    Just joined it now
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    Ek4 SIR Electric folding wing mirrors

    I'd look at RC cars. A lot are belt driven, but the belt widths are quite thin (5mm ballpark) on mine or mates cars. The length should be fine though if you can figure out what you need.
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    Hillclimb and time attack project.

    Yeah, that's rad. Top work :nice:
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    Honda Civic EG6 SiR 2 - JDM - Build / Project / Restoration

    Yesssss. Make it an Initial D Night Kids rep :))
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    Recommendations on quick release steering wheel system?....

    Yeah they're pretty crap tbh. Just rebranded Chinese tat. Cause its essentially your only connection to the steering of the car, I wouldn't touch them.
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    Recommendations on quick release steering wheel system?....

    I wouldn't touch NRG. Search them on Youtube to see why. For a quick release, Works Bell all the way.
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    Fresh set of mugen mf10

    Do like a bit of bronze on an EK9
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    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    I've seen you can buy the key from Tegiwa etc but don't know if it comes with the pulley when you buy one. And yeah, arch liner off job.
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    Ej9 backyard build

    Looks a decent job that, fair play :nice:
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    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    Is it just the actual dials that are changed? I haven't took it apart yet but i'm not sure how they've done it i.e. if its just an overlay with the original underneath, the whole gauge etc. The car was imported in 98 so would make sense.
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    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    I'm guessing to convert them to MPH. Cause the odometer is still in KM so guessing they put those in to overlay it when it arrived in the UK. Probably why the speedo is out by about 10mph as well haha!
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    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    It was either that or the ignitor. The only thing i could think of was that once the wires got warmed up from use, that the connection weakened enough to do it. I changed them both at the same time so can't be certain but it was one of the two. The earths were really bad tbh, like really frayed
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    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    Post 4 So the first mod i did on the car when I got it was fit my old Sparco 383 Suede Steering wheel from my Clio 200. Bought a Momo boss for pittance from someone on Facebook Marketplace and went about fitting it. My god was it a pain in the arse to do compared to the Clio. There was no...
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    OEM EK9 LSD service Limits / Test from owners manual

    Here to bump the thread cause i'm interested as well
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    Steering wheel lock and other security

    I'd take the fence down and put some paving slabs down. At least its in your property then and a lot less likely to get nicked. A disklok would still be going on though
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    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Rather go for something like Rega's or Spoon wheels if you're buying some Spoon calipers. Then again, i'm poor so what do I know :))
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    Facelift EK9 B18C Project

    Gah i've been wanting one of those exhaust for mine after seeing a youtube vid of a guy hooning in the mountains of Japan in his EK9. So damn expensive haha! Is that a carbon bonnet or a black one?
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    JDM Combe 2019 Stand

    Alright to book on if my EK9 has had a ropey paint job? It might be fixed by then but i doubt it haha