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  1. T_fozzy

    HELP! No spark/no immobiliser light

    Hi guys! NEED URGENT HELP. Just rebuilt my ej9. A 1.4 d14 Tucked and smoothed the engine bay. Extended the main loom to fuse box wire and fitted a longer battery cable. Come to start the car after 3 month of stood still and it won't spark. Everything other than that. Also no green...
  2. T_fozzy


    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows what the stock Psi is on D14 or D16 fuel rail. Im going to be running an AEM high flow fuel rail and a adjustable fuel regulator on a D14A4 with a D16Z6 intake manifold. am i correct in thinking its 28psi? all comment appreciated thanks in advance
  3. T_fozzy

    My static ej9

  4. T_fozzy

    Static ej9

    Here is my Civic EJ9 owned for around a year now modifying it as i go along whilst using it as a daily. The car is currently being rebuilt (view thread here) Most recent spec list wasnt that...
  5. T_fozzy

    Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild 19/02/16

    ---- Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild started 19.02.2016 After purchasing my Ej9 one year ago i slowly modified it whilst using it as a daily, i managed to get it a standard that i was happy with. Through the year the car started to get rusty (common places) so gave them a temp fix but that...