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  1. Leej8

    Master cylinder ek

    You will pick one up along with a slave cylinder for under 35 pounds posted
  2. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    [QUOTE="ruprecht, Nice ! Did he have to re shim ? And did he just take the bearings off the diff and replace the two with original shim ? Last question, I see in the picture did he replace any needle bearings on the shaft , the ones that split in half and set under / behind gears? Smashing...
  3. Leej8

    Cobalt SS Turbo front Brembo Calipers

    Would be a nice upgrade if they fit 96-00 civic brackets
  4. Leej8


    So forum members from Ireland need not apply? Yey or ney?
  5. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    [QUOTE="ruprecht, post: You know what you hit a point there , Because I never cleaned out the oil holes on the main shaft or counter shaft , And I'd say they ARE blocked and starving the bearings That's why I only hear that noise when the engine is hot , They are probably sitting in oil when...
  6. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    Good lord! Broke clean off ? I'd say that made a mess of the car and your jocks . Glad you came out okay , but go's to show a little ball joint can be the killing of ye . Yeah japparts have them priced well , I'm not doing it till after Xmas , after the time iv had I just can't force myself to...
  7. Leej8

    Few photos of my coupe

    Super clean coupe Steve, big fan of this one ! Credit to you mate .
  8. Leej8

    Need some motivation

    Just keep pressing on mate , I do look at some YouTube build videos to get the motivation sometimes and it works haha. I know it's a pain doing it in the garden with no ramp , cold, Bad lighting and whatnot. For me I'd love a garage, I'd be so much more happy doing the work , but seems my life...
  9. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    Well I wasn't sure tbh, till yesterday, because when I put it all back together there was a grinding sound and a hump hump sound lol , so I was sure I fecked something up in the gearbox, but turns out my front left wheel bearing was bad, It took a crap on me when I took of the 32 bolt , Done...
  10. Leej8

    Turfy's 2000 Ek9 Type Rx Fresh Import :) Spoon Bonnet - SR4 Tomcats

    Perfection at its best. Really nice turfy , you surely don't do things in half's do ye ? Lol fair play .
  11. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    So here is a good one , I put everything back together broke my back in the garden and turned the car over and knock knock knock , Turned it off fast , nearly started crying lol , So I went at it again like a mad man , Had the box pulled off within 50 minutes And low and behold the pressure...
  12. Leej8

    Exedy spring failure

    Thanks xxxencorexxx ! Motormo looks that way alright iv gone with luk clutch kit so hopefully iv better luck . They look like a good part Imo but then again I know feck all about what a good clutch should look like lol
  13. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    Yeah its all put back together now bar half shaft and coolant and gearbox oil , I went with LUK clutch kit this time and buy the looks of it It's one over the exedy imo, 6 spring 2 small 2 bigger and 2 bigger again, So if all goes well when I turn the key I will report back on the luk, Iv...
  14. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    Yeah that's what I said when I took the drain bolt out and seen the whole magnet gone . It was in every nook and cranny tiny tiny bits It was stopping my bearings from moving grinding like a mofo. And to make matters worse this happened
  15. Leej8

    Password jdm transmission magnet WARNING!

    The magnet broke in the gearbox and destroyed some of my bearings, Spent whole day with another magnet and a little flat filler gage Fishing the bits out , It was everywhere, DO NOT USE EVER .
  16. Leej8

    Exedy spring failure

    Only about 20km on this clutch major failure with multiple springs, The clutch itself looks very new and fresh What's the chance of refund from warranty?
  17. Leej8

    What if I didn't use shim?

    Thanks Michael for the update, it would be interesting to see what the problem was , and hopefully you can put it to rest when you open up the old box . All the best Michael .
  18. Leej8

    What if I didn't use shim?

    Can you update this Michael as to the problem and how you fixed it ? Or did you find a solution? Sorry for bumping up old posts but a update to your problem would help others out Thanks
  19. Leej8

    Key replacement

    I had same problem, I also have red key , So what I done was cut open my original key took the chip out and cut open the side of the red key and put the chip into the red key , it's already cut for a chip , Then I used a little bit of apoxy to seal the key and make it water proof . Very simple...
  20. Leej8

    My EK coupe build up

    Omg ! That roof is bad ass the whole car is a credit to your hard work , the coupes are so over looked but imo one great handling car when set up right , So glad you have kept it and are moving to the next chapter with it , unbelievable the amount of work and money that goes into a hobby...