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  1. Rossco155

    15" 4x114 wheels

    Whats about, cash waitin
  2. Rossco155

    EK4 B18C

    Pm jerrick at meister r and tell him what you will be using the car for he will point you in the right direction plus you get a 10% discount from using this fourm im sure
  3. Rossco155

    Buddy club 15x7 4x100 or other JDM

    Got a set of enkei rp01's in 15x7 i bought for track wheels but never used them if there any good to you Pm me your whatsapp and i can send pics over
  4. Rossco155

    16x8 5x114,3 alloys wanted..

  5. Rossco155

    16x8 5x114,3 alloys wanted..

    I have 2 sets of staggered enkei rp01's 16x8 and 16x7
  6. Rossco155

    What sort of price

    You will hard pushed to find one of them in japan aswell, not saying there isnt any there but alot have been modded just like over here not many people keep them standard anymore
  7. Rossco155

    Help me find my old car

    Any pics of the car might help, also any idea when you sold it? And how longs it been off the road?
  8. Rossco155

    1997 Track EK9 Rolling Shell for Sale (No engine/gearbox)

    This is a good buy 100% whoever buys this is gettin a good deal
  9. Rossco155

    Defi guages

    Looking for a set of defi guages 52mm Oil temp Oil pressure Water temp Also looking for an AEM Air fuel ratio guage Or even a uk supplier of these
  10. Rossco155

    Anyone breaking an ep3

    Looking for a couple of bits if anyone is breaking one or knows someone doing it
  11. Rossco155

    Ek9 at sky roundabout dunfermline

    A boy local to me has got one recently, the cars been owned by someone on here but i dont know if hes a member
  12. Rossco155

    Wanted Aem V2 Intake Eg6

    I think i have one in my garage, looking for the one that sites behind the front bumper?
  13. Rossco155

    Ek9 rx cw 2000

    Its sold
  14. Rossco155

    2000 EK9 Type-Rx

    Surprised this has not sold yet if i was in the market for an ek9 this would be one of the 1st ones id go and look at Im sure 1st to view will buy
  15. Rossco155

    Eg6 sir long armrest

    As above looking for the long sir armrest
  16. Rossco155

    Recaro seats

    Fixed or recliner
  17. Rossco155

    WTB OEM b pipe DC2 JDM B18C 98 spec

    I have one in my shed il need to check condition tho
  18. Rossco155

    Do I sell?

    Thanks man
  19. Rossco155

    Do I sell?

    This is the problem iv got with my sir2 after i bought my evo 5 aswell i dont want to just sell it as i know il never find one as clean again so trying my hardest to not sell it
  20. Rossco155

    owner or a EG6 SiR with EK9 running Gear

    Welcome and nice sir! A small clean under the bonnet will make a big difference, Also if you have not checked already take the side skirts off and check the sills and remove the interior plastics and check the inner rear quaters i checked my sir2 as its the 1st place to go and mine is perfect