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  1. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    Thank you mate yeah it's no slouch going to build another engine in a few years
  2. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    Carbon wings fitted and skirts, fully painted in and out Genuine varis rear bumper fitted to match front bumper
  3. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    Getting the miles put on it few things left to tidy up, get the varis skirts and rear bumper put on and it'll be fully fitted then Some new pics
  4. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    His first run finally been a long haul but finally got there thank **** lol
  5. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    Well it was meant to be on the road by now but having some issues with the 6 pots can't get the pedal feel decent at all so going to delete the abs and upgrade the master cylinder and hope this solves the issue! Car is the bane of my life Mate made a custom heatshield to stop us scorching the...
  6. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    It's a sealey body shop ramp that's at my mates house as the garage is big enough for two cars but not a two poster perfect for his Evo and the glanza
  7. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    I'm still about only forum I still visit shame as forums use to be amazing now they seem to be dying off
  8. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    Well folks been a while as I've been extensively changing the car, Sourced a genuine varis carbon bonnet, varis sideskirts and varis rear bumper, Fiske livesport carbon spoiler Every engine seal removed and replaced, timing belt, tensioners, water pump, oil pump all OEM Rotas binned for 16"...
  9. Banana

    Gary The Glanza

    Well been a long time since I've been on here ( hi rvm ) - Got rid of my ek9 maybe 6-7 years ago now didn't buy anything remotely exciting Had a 320d m sport estate dumped on 19" bolas then I had to go work in Bulgaria for most this year and decided to treat myself upon coming home I'll update...
  10. Banana

    Hey how is everyone!?

    Hey Ally - I've also been away for quite some time with zero hondaness in my life just been using a diesel BMW - forgive me for the lack of petrol lol Hopefully get another toy this year at some point but working away 7-8 weeks at a time just now
  11. Banana

    Ek9 parcel shelf

    Looking for a ek9 parcel shelf if anyone has one.. Be nice if you would be willing to post it to the highlands of scotland to :)
  12. Banana

    EK9 Racecar

    Love the car mate hope you solve your niggly problem im sure jesse aka the mad scientist it will get sorted
  13. Banana

    Red S15 Spec R Build

    Love this s15 mate looks the dogs bits
  14. Banana

    Returning member CW UK DC2!

    Looks the buisness mate severely clean for a uk teggy!
  15. Banana

    Si's second attempt at a DC2

    Look after this one simon :P i myself will be returning back to the honda scene later this year with a dc2 :) awesome cars
  16. Banana

    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    Love the cockpit on this nicole, such a monster! - beetlejuice is some welder, welds on that breather are porn
  17. Banana

    civic eg6 kraftwerks some progress

    Such a badass EG, more photos are required! Good work
  18. Banana

    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    Looking awesome as ever mr bj
  19. Banana

    New EK9 owner

    Welcome along to be sure to keep us updated :)