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  1. MatD

    Ek9 OEM calipers v Spoon twinblock calipers

    Spoon Calipers are 4 pot ones, EK( OEM calipers are single pot
  2. MatD

    Where can I get this

    I have always fancied one of these or retro one like it or as I have seen in Subaru's where they have a lighting ring around the ignition barrel. Hadn't realised they have crept up to £1000
  3. MatD

    Server Hard Drive Failure

    Thanks RVM for keeping this forum alive!
  4. MatD

    Ep3 rear callipers onto ek9

    Hi, sorry what I was saying was, I believe the complete EP3 assembly would not bolt up, iirc the carrier hole centres are different. However if you bolted them to a carrier that bolts to your hub should be fine
  5. MatD

    Ep3 rear callipers onto ek9

    I believe the calipers themselves would works, however the carriers IIRC are different and you need to use ones that suit your rear hub assembly
  6. MatD

    Coilovers recommendation upto €1k

    The coilovers come with everything to remove your existing suspension and bolt these in
  7. MatD

    Coilovers recommendation upto €1k

    I run BC on both my EK and FN2, they offer different spring rates, not sure about other companies but I really rate the BC's
  8. MatD

    Front And Rear Brembo’s on Ek9

    Hi, Unfortunately for the rears I think you will find that most cars using brembos on the rear have a drum brake system as the handbrake. Wilwoods, AP, etc may offer a solution. I am positive I have seen AP do an integrated handbrake rear caliper.
  9. MatD

    Breaking big spec b18c6 ek4

    Hi bud, do you have the shell available? What's the condition of it?
  10. MatD

    Any og's still on here?

    I'm still kicking about, still got the same ek, never bought an ek9, just boosted mine and bought an fn2 as a daily
  11. MatD

    Hi from Dublin

    Welcome! 8th gen are very marmite, I hated them and ended up getting one. I despise those mugen spoilers though!
  12. MatD

    EG / EF / EK / EP - PARTS FROM JAPAN: Genuine aftermarket NEW goods.

    Oh this is naughty! Will keep you in mind for wheels and such moving forward!
  13. MatD

    Best suspension setup for daily on crap roads.

    From my experience, I run bc coilovers in my ek and my fn2. The ek setup is more of the aggressive type whereas the fn is the middle set. The ek I have dailied and been fine however the fn is nice for everyday but stiff for when I do give it some on back roads
  14. MatD

    Red Recaro and Steering Wheel Refurb

    I haven't used them personally but a few of my friends have used royal steering wheels and been over the moon with them, offer many options too
  15. MatD

    Fresh set of mugen mf10

    Ah man, I am jealous!!!
  16. MatD

    Hello from Osaka

    Thank you very much! I will do a cheeky follow on instagram
  17. MatD

    Fresh set of mugen mf10

    Very nice, any pics of them fitted? I will need some 16" 5 stud wheels after Christmas, every wheel I want I can't find
  18. MatD

    Various Aftermarket EK9 parts for sale

    Hi Bud, do you still have the cage for sale? Do you know whether it will fit with interior?
  19. MatD

    Hello from Osaka

    Welcome! I will have to have a look at what you guys have...
  20. MatD

    Spoon Monoblock 15" wheel clearance?

    I too would like to know, I run Intra 5 Spokes and ep3 calipers with 300mm discs and PBS pads but been debating going for the Spoon monoblocks for a while, don't particularly want to jump to 16" if I can help it either