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    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    OK ,no problem . I'm thinking of going down a similar route ,and wasn't sure what's involved . Cheers
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    Ek9 NCT Emissions Failure

    Hi,did need to buy a Hondata to map you ek9?or just the harness for the car to be mapped? I'm not too clued on ECU MAP side .
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    New member/EK9 owner in the US

    Nice .if you're after face lift headlights
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    New Owner in the States!

    Welcome! Plenty of cars being broke for parts you should be fine .
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    New member

    Welcome !
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    New User

    Welcome !
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    New member/EK9 owner in the US

    Hi,try ebay uk
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    New member/EK9 owner in the US

    Welcome , I've heard EK9 parts are hard to find in the U.S? There are a few EK9's being broke for parts in the UK.
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    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    Looks a good match from the picture you posted. I definitely see the difference in the bottom pic. I'm going to order a sample first and wash my seats. My front seats don't look faded to be honest not like the pic you posted.
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    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    Definitely a difference ,looks more in keeping with the bolster fabric colour (bottom bolster ) capital seating sell. I've heard the bottom bolster cover is more pink when ordered, Looking at how yours has cleaned up ,it looks a better match when cleaned?
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    My EK9.... take 2

    Looks nice standard looking ,Did you buy it from a UK seller ? If so what company?
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    UK road trip in my EK9. Looking for guidance

    Enjoy your road trip ! I've been to Cornwall a few times ,really nice. I recommend a drive down to lands end also the eden project is a good day out, great food inside. Car theft over here is not too bad ,steering lock is advisable . Your EK9 looks a cracker.
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    Heater Blower

    I would try ebay, Seems to be alot of EK civics getting broke for parts .
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    Drivers side Pre facelift ek9 headlight

    Hi,no reply in my inbox ?
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    New Member in Tokyo

    Welcome to the elite
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    Issue with EM1 door window

    Have you definitely got power to the window motor on that door ? Check wiring for cracks etc (near door hinges)
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    Idle issue ek9

    Another thing try cleaning the throttle body, take intake pipe of and clean the butterfly plate. Make sure no crap falls anywhere it shouldn't.
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    Idle issue ek9

    Have you tried adjusting anything on the cable or linkage cable yet? It might need adjusting. When the car is up to temperature, when the idle starts to drop, try adjust idle screw slowly to where it should be. That picture of the small nut I posted should be touching the linkage on tick over...
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    Idle issue ek9

    If you have tried all above and still fails this little nut stops the linkage going further forward. I still think the problem lies within the linkage/ cable? especially with all the new parts you've fitted.only. It only needs to be slightly out.
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    speedo not working

    New speed sensor time??