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  1. goba

    what color? eg6 on 15"bbs rs

    BBS gold.
  2. goba

    front upper strut brace

    I have a Tanabe sustec in anodized red which I've owned from new;
  3. goba

    Y56 GF-SiR

    You know what I think Kris, one very special Civic.
  4. goba

    ek9 or dc5 red seats

    have graduated red bride seats which are immaculate (bought NOS from Japan, I imported them) on super low bride rails if interested. Includes memory phone back pads, head rests and Fabric to retrim rear seats etc.. Im the other side of Chester.
  5. goba

    EK front facelift bumper, A/C rad.

    i have the air con radiator in nice condition, £38 posted.
  6. goba

    Sprint Hart CPR's

    Good luch finding a set for reasonable money
  7. goba

    JDM Wheels 15" 16" Regamaster Evo Rays TE37 CE28N

    some very nice wheels there Dave.
  8. goba

    BenParker ;)

    Bought and sold from Ben, very genuine and trustworthy guy.
  9. goba

    Civic ek rear cage group buy

    Do you do fitting I'm just up the road? Im looking for a weld in, MSA certified.
  10. goba

    Someone help me :)

    great first post.
  11. goba

    Holy carp!!!

    That actually happened to one of the front disks on my integra. The crack was a similar size although the disk hadnt cracked around the 'bell' of the disk like that, something Ive never seen before. It was so wharped I had to remove from the hub carrier by cutting it into chunks using an...
  12. goba

    Neo Chrome / Titanium Burnt Gear knob clear out Different shapes

    If in Honda fitment presumably the nob is tapped ready and there is no need for the inserts? Is the 'rod shaped' nob similar to ITR/EK9 nob? What are the brand names on the side?
  13. goba

    Loveland's Part Clearout - 2x B16B's, FEEL's, HKS, Bride, Fluidyne, Racing Sparco etc

    Can you reply to my PM please Tim (or is it Oli?) Person I sent the paypal to was called Tim although you're signing your name 'Oli' on posts in your for sale thread, confusing.
  14. goba

    metal shavings in oil pan

    I would recommend a electrical as opposed to mechanical gauge (usually cheaper) for oil pressure. I've seen the mechanical ones (where the hot oil feed is routed to the gauge itself) leak.
  15. goba

    metal shavings in oil pan

    I do not agree with this, bad advice.
  16. goba

    EK4 Track Car

    France is a beautiful country and food is so good, although it is really expensive now. I have visited la rochelle sometime ago. Good price on the paint, but it would be a long way to drive in my uncomfortable car :) Id arrive with a bad back and deaf most likely lol I may have missed it but...
  17. goba

    My Very Rare JDM 98-Spec Milano Red Honda Integra Type R DC2

    Maybe goodridge aren't so bad then! :)
  18. goba

    EK4 Track Car

    Mally, come and prep/paint my car :D that door skin is flawless! Which french coast is that in the pictures?
  19. goba

    My Very Rare JDM 98-Spec Milano Red Honda Integra Type R DC2

    Very nice as as you say the milano red and Phoenix Yellow JDM tegs are the rarest. Was it the quality of the HEL brake lines or had the hose got caught somewhere causing it to fail. Generally the feeback on HEL is pretty good.
  20. goba

    metal shavings in oil pan

    Its more the piston rings seating than the bearings (nowadays). The last thing you want to is glaze the bores when running the motor in which is the risk with a synthetic oil. I haven't read anywhere in your posts that would suggest the rings have failed to seat properly so that is...