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  1. aleksboch

    Prices of ek9s

    NOT ME
  2. aleksboch

    Mugen installation help

    It shouldn't be difficult to install a genuine mugen airbox. Is yours genuine? Do you have any modifications on your car that might causing your issues?
  3. aleksboch

    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Nice.. at this rate there will be no civic's left with b16s in them!
  4. aleksboch

    Crx Del Sol, Spoon inspired build

    Seen this car for sale on facebook.. is this true?
  5. aleksboch

    Ek9 wanted

    I've also requested to join - but still pending
  6. aleksboch

    Freshening up the driving experience

    solid collars?
  7. aleksboch

    RHD Japan - what did it actually cost?

    20% VAT and 10% Custom duty is payable on the total paid, including shipping costs. I think you will pay close to £300, as royal mail/parcel force also charge a handling fee on top
  8. aleksboch

    Where to go for a good Championship White match?

    TGM sport in Fleet
  9. aleksboch

    Looking for a ek9

  10. aleksboch

    Self-import into Australia

    It's my understanding (being Australian as well) is if you own the car overseas for more than 12 months, you can import the car using the personal import laws and avoid any tax etc.
  11. aleksboch

    Newbie from Surrey, UK EK4 VTi

    Hi Ben - where in Surrey are you?
  12. aleksboch

    Going rate for a clean ek9 type r

    any pics? year? mileage?
  13. aleksboch

    Things to look for in my new EK9

    you may find that the honda dealerships don't really have the expertise in older hondas anymore
  14. aleksboch

    Civic 96-00 Chassis alignment chart

    Doesn't look like that link works @No_Fear
  15. aleksboch

    Rough Valuation?

    Is this it?
  16. aleksboch

    Alternator Facelift EK9

    I would assume, first of all, that any b series should fit. Even if it housing doesn't line up, I think you should be able to swap the internals into your old housing.
  17. aleksboch

    Ek9 raffle?

    pics of the car and issues??
  18. aleksboch

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    Any pics from the meet? Anything on insta?
  19. aleksboch

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    more info